Airlines and LGBT diversity

I just discovered that LAN Airlines has a LGBT diversity mini-site. AirBerlin recently launched a similar site and I know American Airlines has long been advertising to gay travelers.

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Is this a growing trend or something that’s been around a while? I like to see airlines that do this, and I may be more likely to book through an airline that I know has something like this on offer. These airline mini-sites are typically better than the usual “gay travel” fanfare. For example, they’re less likely to flaunt half-naked men and flashy neon nightlife. Instead, they focus on the destination itself. Take, for instance, the diversity mini-site from LAN:

As a gay traveler, I’d much rather see a destination for what it is rather than a jacked up version for what many advertisers may see us as: sex-crazed adolescents. It seems that airlines, once again, know the gay travel market best.

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    1. I think many airlines have been smart with the way they reach new markets. Hopefully the day when these mini sites aren’t necessary will be soon…

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