Finally saw that Harvey Milk movie

Harvey Milk movie poster Finally watched Milk, the movie about Harvey Milk. I know it’s something I should’ve seen a long time ago, but before I “came out” (ugh, I hate that phrase), I wasn’t really into watching movies with gay themes. Though in college, I very much remember being very much into the gay rights movement. (It was Boston after all, and I was there when gay marriage was finally legalized). In fact, I probably could’ve been pushed to come out much sooner if I’d seen more things that featured gay themes, people, etc.

Anyways, the movie was good. I was kind of hoping it would quash all this pent-up frustration for activism. With Occupy Wall Street (and seeing Occupy Berlin first-hand), I’ve been really eager to participate in some of the many causes I believe in and support. But at the same time, I don’t feel comfortable enough devoting all my time, energy and motivation into politics. It can be so emotionally draining. Well, regardless, I was secretly hoping that watching a movie about political activism would help serve as a release. Not so much. Now I just feel guilty and useless. Guilty because I’m not doing enough. Useless because I’m not even trying.

Maybe I need a wake-up call. And the time and money to do the things that I not only want to do, but really need to do.

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8 thoughts on “Finally saw that Harvey Milk movie”

  1. @Adam, I was just looking through my Netflix queue and wanted to tell you… You should watch Howl. I’d be curious to know what you think. Personally, I loved it.

    “James Franco steps into the shoes of famed Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in this star-studded biopic centered around Ginsberg’s poem ‘Howl’ — and the widely publicized obscenity trial that followed its publication in 1957.”

  2. Happy Birthday Adam… and I thought I was old when I was your age, and in January I hit 75! A few things about the movie “MILK and that era in the rights movement. I was there, and counted Harvey and George as friends and knew almost everyone portrayed in the flick with Dan White being the exception. For me, the movie was DeJa 1970s. I was a photographer and publicist that specialized in gay clients and businesses at a time it was not yet fashionable to be openly gay… even in San Francisco.

    The movie had a few mistakes in time lines and locations, as well as events that never happened. In fact, the movie erased my footnote in gay history. My iconic image of Harvey was recreated, but never happened as it did in the movie. If you do a search of images of Harvey with a bullhorn that became his trade mark, you’ll only find mine and those of Sean Penn.
    However, that being said, the movie introduced Harvey Milk and that era
    to millions of people,young and old,gay and straight, here in America and around the world.

    One more thing… for you the best is yet to come and it seemed like my 40s were without a doubt, the best years of my life.
    Cheers, Jerry

    1. Jerry,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and the birthday wishes! I’d be much more interested to hear more about your story – I am woefully out-of-touch with gay history.

      1. Take a peek at my blog’s archives, and you’ll discover I have a lot of history of all kinds. Your list of 27 is also very interesting.
        If you have any questions… just ask. I’m jealous of the boy you met in Israel!

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