Who doesn’t love a good zombie story? They’re pretty much everywhere these days and even when they’re not, their dark-world counterparts VAMPIRES are usually around. But a new study from the Journal of Literary Studies (published by Taylor & Francis) has taken the zombie trend and applied it to gender and sexuality.

In the study, “A Zombie Apocalypse: Opening Representational Spaces for Alternative Constructions of Gender and Sexuality,” (that’s a mouthful) Jessica Murray suggests that zombies provide a way for writers & storytellers to break away from gender norms. Murray analyzes zombie stories Deadlands (2011) and Death of a Saint (2012) to determine if it’s possible to destabilize gender and heteronormative power structures.

Photo via Dustin Main

Find out more about Journal of Literary Studies at tandfonline.com/rjls — where you can download the full text of Murray’s study for free