The San Giorgio hotel on Mykonos is hosting a blog contest. If you remember from my post a few days ago on the top destinations I think are going to be hot for travel this summer, Mykonos is one of my big priority destinations this year. Here’s my list of reasons why I want to visit Mykonos…


I love the beach

I’m a city boy through and through, but there’s something about the beach which always draws me in. If there were a perfect city in a warm climate, amazing nightlife and a beautiful city beach, I’d probably already be living there. There’s something special about the sound of waves crashing against the shore, of the stillness in the sand and the water (especially along the Mediterranean), of the sun and the sky. The horizon signals something beyond, and yet I’m often more than content on a beach.


I want to relax

From poking around the San Giorgio Hotel website (check out this photo!), it seems they are all about relaxation. With an on-site pool, hammocks and sunbeds, the hotel is apparently located farther from the other more noisy beach hotels. It’s also a member of Design Hotels, which is often the right style I look for when wanting a hotel getaway. While I want to explore all the different sides of Mykonos (including their legendary nightlife), I also want need to relax.


I want to have fun

As much as I need some chill time for relaxing, a visit to Mykonos wouldn’t really be complete (cliche, I know) without a visit to some nightclubs and beach parties. Luckily, The San Giorgio Hotel offers VIP access for all of its guests to one of Mykonos more legendary clubs: the Paradise Club.

With sun, sand and parties, I don’t think a trip to Mykonos could possibly go wrong!

* * *

After my intensive German language course here in Berlin I could use a bit of time sitting by a beach. While I’ve got plenty of beach trips planned for earlier in the summer, I’ve yet to ever visit Greece and it’s been on the top of my must-see destinations for years. Not to mention my strong ethos for responsible travel and desire to be a positive force on the economy. As a foreigner living in Germany, with the constant news of the Eurocrisis and European economics, there are a handful of countries I honestly believe could use my tourism money. And number one on that list is Greece. Please retweet this article to help my chance to win a free stay at the San Giorgio Hotel!

You can also enter the contest if you’re a blogger by choosing one of your favorite pictures from the hotel website Then write a new article on your blog describing why you would love to stay in the hotel, including a link to the picture from your blog. Then tweet the post with the hashtag #sangiorgiolove.