In the first of this new series over here at My Gay Travel Guide, I sit down and talk about what’s the T – with T meaning travel, in this case – with LGBT travellers. First up? It’s the uber stylish DJ Yabis from Dream Euro Trip. Hailing from the Philippines, DJ has become known for his fun, fresh outlook, personable nature, and effortless cool. I reeled in DJ for a natter, and he shares his thoughts on everything from hidden gems and what to see in his home country, to packing and licking a guy’s ear. Whatever floats your boat, I guess!

1. How old were you when you took your first international trip?

I was 22 when I took my first trip abroad. I went to Bangkok with my friends.

2. Have you ever travelled to any ‘gay’ destinations before?

Yes. I’ve travelled to Mykonos only because my Greek friends have a summer house there and we went together with their group of friends. It’s a pretty gay destination though and I loved every minute of it.

3. What’s the best pride celebration you’ve ever been to?

It’s a difficult question to answer. Most of the pride parades I’ve been to are special in their own way.
I love Stockholm Pride because Swedish men are the prettiest and the parade itself is massive with great after parties. Cologne Pride is the biggest in Germany and I’ve always loved my Germans. Antwerp Pride was super fun and gay as it happened at the same time as the World Out Games. Dresden Pride was smaller and feels very local.

4. Everyone has a travel romance story to share, but I’m bored of those. Have you ever met a guy while travelling and things have gone disastrously wrong?

Of course. First thing I can think of was this beautiful guy I met in Barcelona. I was in a normal club (by that I mean not a gay club) and I was alone. I was sitting and busy on my phone when he sat beside me. I noticed he was alone and he was looking at me every now and then.
He was really beautiful and I was a bit bored so I said hello. He was nice and we started talking, you know just the normal where are you from what are you doing here alone kind of questions.
At this point I was not sure if he’s gay or not. I was just talking to him because he was drop-dead gorgeous and was interesting.
I learned that he’s not Spanish and that he lives in another city. He just came to visit Barcelona and he was staying with his friends. He claimed that his friends were also in the club with him. He looked Persian or Turkish and he has a glowing tan.
And then the conversation made a different turn:
Gorgeous guy: C’mon you can ask me anything. Don’t be shy.
Me: Huh? What do you mean?
GG: You can ask me anything you want.
Me: (sensing he is edging me on, I came closer to his ear and smelled him and whispered) You smell so good. You wanna have fun? (I’m brave like this haha)
GG: Tell me more.
Me: I want to undress you.
GG: (looks at me and smiles) Go on.
Me: (licking his ears lightly and curious where this was leading) you know…
GG: Tell me.
Me: You wanna go to my room and have fun now? My hotel is a few blocks from here.
GG: (suddenly changes mood) I have some friends here. I can’t leave right now.
Me: C’mon you can meet them later
GG: I can’t. Just give me your number we can meet tomorrow.
Me: I’m flying out tomorrow (this is a lie). Let’s go now.
GG: No give me your number let’s meet tomorrow.
Me: (I give him my number) Don’t be boring. Come. It will be fun.
GG: I’m not gay.
Me: It doesn’t matter. I know you want to have some fun.
GG: I can’t leave my friends. Let’s meet tomorrow. I can meet you here at 12 noon.
Me: No let’s go now.
GG: Let’s meet tomorrow.
Me: Alright. Let’s go get a drink.
I did not take him home and I did not meet him the next day as I asked him to delete my number after. I still don’t know what he was up to. I was a bit scared because he might be a thief or something and has other ulterior motives. But I pushed it and wanted to see where it was going.

5. Smart yet a little skanky. Anyway, are there any destinations that, as a gay man, you’d simply refuse to travel to?

Yep. Right now I have no interest in traveling to Russia. The visa is already difficult enough to organize. I don’t need to be subjected to ¬†homophobic and racist situations when I get there.

6. Everyone is always talking about ‘hidden gems’ and getting ‘off the beaten path’ when they travel, but what touristy spot have you absolutely loved?

I absolutely loved all the touristy spots in Florence. The city just blew me away with its beauty!

7. And, erm…what’s your ‘hidden gem’ recommendation?

Hidden gem is very relative. What might be considered hidden by some might not be by others. I would say Ponza island in Italy is a hidden gem but it’s popular among Romans and people in the area.

8. Since you hail from the Philippines, if I only had a week in your country, where would you tell me to visit?

Depends what you like. But if you want a true tropical experience I would say Camiguin island. It has everything: white beaches, hot springs, cold springs, great diving spots, volcanoes, waterfalls, great food, friendly locals, and it’s very low-key.

9. What essentials (apart from tech stuff and gadgets) do you always pack in your carry on?

A good book or a magazine. I like reading when I’m in transit.

10. You’re known for always being stylish on the road. What’s your top tip for packing light but still being chic?

Pack clothes that you can mix and match easily. And of course, pack only your best and favorite clothes <3

11. You only have room in your bag for one: tailored shorts or a straw hat?

Tailored shorts. You can also buy a hat! ;D

12. That’s cheating! Hmph. Anyhow, I’ll forgive you. Let’s move on to everyone’s favourite topic – alcohol! What cocktail do you want to order?

I like my vodka cranberry.

13. That’s not really a cocktail, but whatever. Now we’re tipsy and I’ve seen a cute guy. What pick-up line should I use on him?

I’m bad with pick up lines!

14. You’re a terrible wingman. It’s the next morning and we’re hungover. What’s your remedy for this?

Good kissing and a cup of coffee.

15. I hope you brush your teeth first. Moving swiftly on, tell us more about your upcoming travels this year, and what destinations we can follow you to!

I’m heading to Italy and maybe Paris to visit some friends, then I’m off to the Philippines to celebrate my birthday on the beach. I’ll stay until January and celebrate Christmas with family and NYE with friends on the beach on Boracay island.


I wish I could join DJ with his celebrations! If you want to know more about DJ, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram where he’s @dreameurotrip, and like his page on Facebook. Of course, you can read all about his adventures on his blog Dream Euro Trip too, where DJ waxes lyrical about everything from style to city breaks, Berlin to Beyonc√©, and getting that ever elusive Schengen visa.