Summer is here and June is National Gay Pride Month. It’s also the start of the summer pride season with festivals and pride events in just about every major city. (Notably: Berlin’s annual CSD Pride is *this* weekend!)

I don’t know about you, but traveling for gay pride events in foreign cities is one of my favorite ways to experience a new destination. You get to see a completely different side of the city that otherwise might not be seen. Activities and things to do are likely different than on any other normal weekend, but that’s half the fun. To manage all that fun, here’s my guide on what to pack when traveling for gay pride. And also: a special little contest to win some goodies for your own summer travel plans! Details at the end.

Of course what you pack depends on the destination as well. Going to Tel Aviv for gay pride? You’ll want a swimsuit. In Berlin? No swimsuits necessary. Also note this is mostly geared toward those gay pride festivals in traditionally LGBT-friendly destinations!

4 Summertime Travel Packing Essentials for Gay Pride

Whisky aussieBum
I love this cheeky design from aussieBum. With a peep-hole cut out in the underwear, the new line called ‘Whisky’ is a mix of smart colors, a bit of charm and a lot of sexy.

1. Your favorite underwear

If the sun is shining and ti’s summer, people at pride festivals wear surprisingly little clothes. And while it’s certainly possible to find a lot of skin during a gay pride, you can also expect quite a bit of cool clothes. Funny t-shirts, mesh clothing, sexy underwear — you name it, you’ll probably see it at gay pride.

Buy: If you’re an underwear nerd like me, check out the new “Whisky” line from aussieBum (shown above).

2. Fashion accessories

A little bit of bling can go a long way at pride. It’s an easy way to glam up for a fun day in the sun.

Buy: Cheap bracelets are plentiful at pride festivals – whether leather scraps or rainbows. Want something a bit more special, though? Check out which works in partnership with National Geographic to find talented artisans around the world on unique jewerly and other products. Look for rainbow-colored accessories on shops like this one.

Gay Pride
How colorful are *your* shoes?!

3. Good shoes

Unless you’re at a gay pride festival on the beach (looking at you, Tel Aviv), shoes are probably the one piece of clothing you’re guaranteed to find.

Buy: Converse, Adidas, TOMS – the usuals.

4. Pride flags and rainbow things!

A staple of just about every pride is the rainbow flag. Whether it’s painted on your face or a piece of cloth, it’ll be everywhere.Bring one with your of find one at the pride. Learn more about the history of the gay pride flag here.

Buy: Glitter! Pride flag stickers and other rainbow-coated things will almost always be available during parades and festivals.

Win gay travel goodies!

To celebrate gay pride this summer, we’ve partnered with aussieBum to giveaway some pairs of their newest underwear line: Whisky. Fill out your entry below and you’ll be in the running for some great new underwear to get started right with pride!

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