Berlin is an adventure playground. The German city offers plenty of open spaces where its residents and visitors let off and have fun. Berlin is made for those who call themselves adventurous and are ready to see new things and live everyday as if it was the last one.

Some of the perks of living/visiting  Berlin during the Summer are  have the the beach bars. Palm trees, swimming pools and canopied beach chairs stand in the middle of the city. The visitors and locals  bare feet into the warm sand and let themselves be served with cool drinks ( not to mention the amount of shirtless Germans walking all around the place)… The Berliner summer is a mix of city and holiday is just amazing, so amazing that even if you have a job, you feel like you’re on vacation.

Free open airs? Yes, if you visit Berlin during the Summer you will have several chances to see a variety of artists playing for free, you can enjoy a summer concert on the open air stage. All sorts of music are on offer,  from classical, jazz and folk to pop, hip hop and disco, not to forget the movie screenings that take place during Summer. There are also some options for visitors or locals, such as the soho house. I have had the chance to be there a couple of times and it becomes harder to take your eyes of those guys in the swimming pool, the drinks are very tasty and the food can be ranked with an 8 out of 10.

Summer means to me like the perfect time to relax and simply enjoy life, that’s why we have a gay beach in Berlin, made for those who don’t feel really comfortable wearing their very tiny and tight speedo. Located right next to the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) can be reached in less that 30 minutes from most of the tourists and locals living within the areas A and B of the city.

There are thousands of Cafés in Berlin, whether you just want to sit and relax or take a short break between dates, and by dates I also mean tinder dates and so on… Many coffee houses offer WLAN Internet access and power sockets for laptops, and when we have sunlight you can just sit outside and enjoy yourself to the rythm of hipster music. The best spots to have a nice coffee are located in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg, here’s a compilation with some my favourite ones…


Located in the heart of Berlin and really close to some of the best boutiques of this town, this Café offers delicious sandwiches, coffee and the most important thing… A hipster atmosphere where you can use WLAN.

Address : Rosenthaler Straße 72a, 10119 Berlin

Mr. Minsch

If you are a fan of fresh and delicious cakes you will probably spend your budget in this Café, their cakes are just amazing and the coffee tastes good enough to sit there  for at least two hours ans just talk and enjoy.

Address : Yorckstr. 15, 10965 Berlin


Like taken out of a fairtytale, this place offers some of the best Croissants I have ever eaten in my life, not to mention the very-good-looking Chef and his wonderful smile, plus high speed WLAN at one th best spots in Berlin.

Address : Kastanienallee 43, 10119 Berlin