Today is my 27th birthday. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I’m officially old. (By no one’s standards.)

In honor of me turning 27 today, here are 27 things I’ve done in my life that I think were pretty cool.

27 awesome things I’ve done before turning 27

  1. Studied abroad (in London and in Sydney)
  2. Went skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef and landed (safely) on a beach
  3. Backpacked India for 3 months (can’t wait to go back)
  4. Fell in love with a boy in Tel Aviv
  5. Went on a trip to Iceland for a long weekend from Boston
  6. Traveled to random American cities for various weekends to visit friends and family
  7. Started a travel blog
  8. Read a lot of great books (and seen a lot of great movies)
  9. Worked professionally as a graphic designer
  10. Lived, worked and studied in Boston for seven awesome years
  11. Volunteered/worked for a political nonprofit in Israel
  12. Learned to relax on the beaches of India
  13. Managed to get a “job” and live in Berlin
  14. Seen a hell of a lot of live bands and music gigs (and music festivals)
  15. Traveled to a bunch of places on the whim (Paris, Puerto Rico)
  16. Took a cab with strangers in the middle of a blizzard
  17. Went on an epic road trip with some friends as a teenager
  18. Saw the sunrise over Mt. Sinai in Egypt
  19. Studied at a great university that gave me plenty of opportunities (even if I didn’t take them all)
  20. Got a tattoo (two, actually!)
  21. Celebrated Songkran in Bangkok, Yom Kippur in Israel & Diwali in India
  22. Written down a lot of important memories (online and off)
  23. Learned to cook a few main meals (which can be surprisingly enjoyable)
  24. Been skinny dipping a few times…
  25. Finally overcame a few of my fears enough to be comfortable with myself
  26. I’ve met some truly incredible and interesting people over the years
  27. Backpacked around the world for 18 months!

Despite the fact that by turning 27 I’m now a year older, I’m actually quite proud to be me.