I just learned about this Berlin documentary called The Other Side of the Rainbow. The film is currently in post-production but requires a small amount of additional funding to be completed. Read the information below from Director/Producer Thomas Bartels:

About the film

The Other Side of the Rainbow represents what it means to be gay, lesbian or transgender in Berlin today by portraying four individuals, who are in some way or another part of Berlin’s LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) community. Our protagonists are 22-year-old free spirit Isabelle, gay punk Nico, transgender writer and performer Jayrome, and the handicapped and HIV positive Mark. A parallel fifth storyline that explores the history of Berlin’s gay pride parade and the development from one to two different parades in the same city on the same day.

From my years living in Berlin and engaging with its LGBT community I developed a good understanding of how Berlin and its queer scene are quintessentially different from other cities. I came to love the city’s rawness and the feeling of personal freedom. This can be felt in the streets—much more than in any other major city I have ever lived in. I wanted to transfer this feeling to the screen and portray just how diverse the city and the queer community are.

As a part of the queer community in Berlin I have discovered in its diversity many different people with unexpected backgrounds. They all have captivating stories that go way beyond the images and clichés portrayed in the mass media. Knowing I could only show a sample of it, it was really important to me to portray its diversity.

Why the film needs additional funding

Film-making seems to be a very glamorous and rich profession. But this is only the reality for a very small percentage of people in the business. The majority of filmmakers are struggling to make their film happen, or even to be able to present it to an audience. In order to pay the rent, they do very normal everyday jobs like most of us do.

Thanks to amazing people who helped and supported me, I managed to shoot this movie with very little money. And still to this date when I look at the beautiful footage I am amazed by how it was at all possible to get to this point.

But now I have reached a point where I will need money to finish the film.

You can find more information about the fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo.

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