Guten Tag,

I have been living in this city for around 2 years and already learned pretty much all the places where hipsters and fashionistas want to buy their stuff. But you know what? I have never made a list of those places where people like you and me can buy clothing here in Berlin (let’s say we are a sort of post-hipster who appreciates fashion…) Anyways, I have selected some hotspots here in Berlin that I am pretty sure you are going to love.


Shopping in Berlin: A guide for tourists and locals


  • Located in one the most diverse areas of the city ( Kreuzberg), this store offers a huge variety of products to young visitors between 20 and 40, mostly European brands such as Acne, Hien Li and Libertine – Libertine. The store is stocked from A-Z with products you might find interesting and that probably can only buy in a such a cool place like Berlin.
  • Address: VooStore, Oranienstraße 24, 10999 Berlin


  • If you are a lover of Dark/Minimalistic/handcrafted and very high quality Fashion, this is the one the best places in Berlin where you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you really want to buy at this store, prepare yourself for a 2 hours trip since the place is massive and full of products you will find hard not to buy, the experience of buying at Darklands is something tourists and locals with some budget should go through.
  • Address: Heidestrasse 46-52, Gebaude 7, Berlin


  • This store was opened 13 years ago right next to the heart of independent Boutiques here in Berlin (KastanienAllee), the owner is this crazy but extremely friendly guy who wouldn’t mind spending 2 hours with you telling you stories about the city and how those trousers you’re wearing can be combined with a wonderful shirt and or jacket he can provide you. He is a 100% promotor of Independent labels and high good quality products, at this place you can buy find labels like BRACHMAN, which suits a particular public like you and me.
  • Address: Griebenowstraße 23 – 10435 Berlin


  • Lovers of nice sunglasses, get ready to buy the whole stock here in Berlin! If you really like nice glasses this is the place you have to go to shop in Berlin, with almost 2 stores located all around the city and really helpful sales people that will be there for you all the time, Mykita has everything a hipster or just a regular guy might want to find when it comes to lenses.
  • Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 6, 10178 Berlin