Since I first read of it online, I was pretty eager to see the Rainbow Flame in Berlin. Set up in a prominent location within Potsdamer Platz, the Rainbow Flame will burn for entire time of the Olympic games in Sochi. Set up by the local Enough is Enough foundation, the site is a small protest against the anti-gay laws in Russia and elsewhere around the world. Taking place over the Berlinale film festival, the group is encouraging passers-by (and hopefully some Hollywood celebrities) to have their photos taken in front of the flame.


From their official website:

What we’ve all been fearing is now bitter reality: the Olympic Flame is being misused in Sochi as a threat to innocent people and a mockery of human rights. Now it’s time to keep the promise we made in the “Enough is Enough! Open Your Mouth!” demonstration last August, and to take a stand together against those who would trivialize hate and persecution.

With the Olympic Flame lit on February 7, Berlin lit their own flame, the Rainbow Flame. It’s been burning continuously since with participants donating their time to stand vigil for the 2 weeks the flame will burn. It will be dismantled on February 23.

rainbow flame

The Enough is Enough advocacy group has what seems like a gazillion different slogans. I’ve heard “Say no to homophobia,” “Stop homophobia,” “Enough is enough,” and “Love is not for propaganda.” They’ve also released a song with their latest local demonstration. Listen to it here:

What do you think? Would you have your photo taken in front of the Rainbow Flame?