Welcome to a new post about LGBT news and events, this time we will send our travel report from Düsseldorf, a place where some of the best fashion boutiques of Germany are located. This event has been covered by the team of MGTG.

After being part of the CSD celebration in Berlin, we decided it was a good idea to cover events in different cities of the country, that’s why we packed our bags and decided to make a trip to Düsseldorf, where the Pink Monday has been celebrated for almost 20 years. If you don’t know what the Pink Monday is about, I will give you some hints…

  • 50,000 gays and lesbians
  • Live bands and rustic food
  • Germany’s biggest outdoor LGBT event
  • 3,000 uniformed marksmen on horseback and foot

The event itself congregates around 4 million people and brings visitors from all over the world, for me it is the perfect chance to celebrate with friends and family, not to mention the events with live music, costumed servers, and all imaginable German fest food delicacies from savory to sweet: sausage, roast, pig knuckles to potatoes and sauerkraut to apple cake and ginger bread and much more (I forgot to mention beer but we all know it’s going to be enough for all of us).

During this celebration you will also have the chance to interact with lots of people, from the family with 3 children until the Drag Queen with the 10 inches platforms, they all gather to celebrate and have an amazing time… Anyways, this celebration is all about giving you the chance to be yourself, meet new people, make new connections and just have a good time.

The Fair will take place for the 113th time this year in its current location: the vast Rhine meadows on the Rhine River right across the city’s center and easily reachable by foot, ferries, and public transportation. Since most of the german population speaks English, there is pretty much nothing you have to worry about. Accommodation shouldn’t be a problem if you booked things on time, however if you are still wondering where you’re going to spend your time during the visit, there’s a list of things you should check out before you decide to come.

  • Prices start at €52 per night per person based on double-occupancy for a 2-3-star hotel in the city center and at €72 per person for a 4-star hotel. The package includes breakfast, one DüsseldorfCard (free public transportation within city limits plus 30 free or reduced admissions to city attractions), and a city information package.
  • AirBnb is almost always an option for last-minute travel plans as well.
  • If you’re a backpacker, there will always be hostels around €20 -€30 per night in Düsseldorf city center.

When Pink Monday rolls around on the Rhine meadows on July 14th, Germany will show to the world once again how progressive it is when it comes to rights for LGBTQ folk. Acceptance is the way forward – everyone wants to party, so why not party together? Pink Monday and the fun fair that it’s attached to are bound to be an essential stop off on any summer trip to the West of Germany. Stuff your face on sauerkraut, currywurst and ginger cake, wash it down with some local brews, and try to control your stomach as you get spun upside-down and round and round on the rides that are brought in especially for the fun fair. And it’s all in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia — Germany’s most populous and the German gay capital of Cologne is a mere half hour away by train.

For more information, visit www.visitduesseldorf.de