mister bnb

Wasting my time on the internet the other day, I discovered mister bnb—a new website that offers gay and gay-friendly travelers a way to find short-term apartment rentals specifically tailored to the gay community. Anyone twenty-something who lives in some major city or destination is probably well aware of the phenomenon. Locals can rent out their apartment (or even just a room in the apartment) to travelers passing through. Initially these websites were called a “paid version of Couchsurfing.”

Nowadays, the trend is so evolved that there are search features which let you find short term apartment rentals based on any number of queries. mister bnb wants to target the gay travel market—a “niche” (ugh, I hate the word) that is obviously on the rise if you pay much attention to the travel industry.

Co-founder Matthieu Jost found using apartment rental sites when traveling with his boyfriend was sometimes uncomfortable. “Having had experience renting apartments to individuals I quickly realized the limitations of apartment rental sites. I could sometimes notice how apartment owners felt uncomfortable with me staying with my boyfriend, and it made us feel uncomfortable too.”

Personally, I haven’t found an apartment rental service yet that I’ve liked. The idea is always nice, but the amenities are always lacking. But having a gay-specific rental doesn’t sound bad to me at all. In fact, it’s something I’d prefer over most other rentals which are often all business and lack much character.

At least with a gay apartment rental, I know I could at the very least get some gay travel tips out of the deal. Would you rent an apartment through mister bnb if you knew all the apartments are gay-friendly and offer local tips for gay travelers? Check out their website at www.misterbnb.com

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