Australian Olympic diver (and gold medalist) Matthew Mitcham recently visited Cairns, Australia to promote a new gay travel website, The website hopes to promote Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef to LGBT travelers.

Matt Mitcham gay cairns

Cairns, with its tropical climate and world-famous wildlife, makes for a great hotspot in northern Australia. I visited Cairns years ago and was impressed with the laid-back atmosphere of the not-so-big city. Plus the lagoon (shown below) was the perfect chill-out place after a day of snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. It seems this beach city has attracted gay travelers and locals, seeing as how the city is now home to a vibrant LGBT community, according to Go2GayCairns.

Cairns Lagoon

Mitcham and his long-time partner Lachlan spent a week in Cairns to be photographed for the Go2GayCairns website. It was their first visit to the Queensland city despite both being from the state. The gay travel website is independently funded by founder Jay Horne and was developed entirely by local gay companies. On their website, you can find gay travel information specific to Cairns. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for postcard-perfect pictures from the region!