Do men wear makeup?

The question itself would have been ridiculous around 10 years ago, now many guys wear make up, I am not talking only about the cliché of homosexuals wearing make up, No! I am talking about regular guys, people who simply want to hide a pimple or make their eye bags look smaller. From the guy who is the Metrosexual until the very straight guy who just want to look his best on a date with his future girlfriend, they all want to look more appropiate and fit within the new ‘standards’ of beauty.

I remember my friends in Catholic school making fun of me just for saying to one of them that I use foundation to cover some pimples I had ( thank God they disappeared ), then realising some years after that they had pretty much done the same thing I did… Nowadays, I don’t wear any makeup, just because my skin turned out to be good and I follow a healthy diet, but if I had to, I would wear some foundation to hide pimples.

One thing I could also say about this ‘guy makeup thing’ is, no matter the gender, you can do pretty much whatever you want to your body, it’s your choice to look however you want to look, to follow this trend or the other to wear black, yellow or pink. Don’t let society to decide everything you have to do, and please do not let Fashion to tell you how you have to look like.

It is proven that men value appearance in their partner much more than vice versa, this does not mean he can forget about his appearance, still the judgement to these type of men is present. My point is (again) that we can all put as much makeup as we want, judgement is something overrated and there’s enough ‘normal’ people out there to even care about it.