One thing that annoys me more than most is stereotypes. Probably stems from my life growing up gay, where the gay stereotype was shot at me from every direction in the media and I never really felt comfortable with it. But at the same time, here I am as a founder of a travel blog all about G-A-Y travel.

To me, gay travel isn’t anything special. Travel is just travel—gay, straight or anything else. But as a gay adult who has traveled around the world, it’s important for me to know there are plenty of other gay travelers out there—and also important for the world to know, too.

So, what is gay travel really all about? Is it about nightlife, luxury tours, group tours? I’m not sure there’s a single answer. Which is why it irks me so much when people think most gay travelers are interested in the same places, or in the same types of tours—more often than not of the luxury variety.

When I travel to the UK, for example, I’m not looking for luxury 5 star hotels in London. Not every gay traveler is enormously wealthy nor do we all want to shell out our money on an expensive hotel. I’d rather spend it on a longer vacation, nicer meals or even a second trip.

Within the demographic of gay travelers, there’s quite a big variety: backpackers, cruises, rtw, luxury, solo travel…. We’re not all interested in fancy rooms or boutique hotels. I’m a gay traveler, but also a gay backpacker. Luxury travel isn’t the same as gay travel—it’s just a part of it.