London based Italian artist Fabio Esposito is running a Kickstarter campaign to put on an art show at the Art Academy’s Graduate Show in London this July. The show’s themes focus on androgyny. “I have met a few people in my life who were affected by Gender Dysphoria and, being a gay man myself, I could always relate on some levels to their suffering caused by feeling inadequate, out of place and even not complete in some way,” says the artist.

The series is titled The Lost Myth of Androgyny about a relatable reality where the agony of not feeling in your own skin is the protagonist. In a society where labelling is becoming the twisted norm, we are facing a reality where gender, identity and sexual orientation are becoming more and more fluid.

With ordinary yet unsettling scenarios, the paintings aim to weaken people’s phobias through representations of true pain, love and loss. There’s a particular uneasiness of these other-worldly photos, yet still a grounding that makes the scenes appear realistic and relatable. The scenes present the feelings we have regarding the transition and anxiety toward acceptance in regards to gender, sexuality and identity. Accepting who we are, our limits and our uniqueness can be as much rewarding as distressing. Ultimately it’s about loss and rediscovery as we skip through a version of ourselves to another.


The Kickstarter campaign runs for another week. Any proceeds over the required funds will be donated to the Gender Trust charity. Visit the Kickstarter page here.

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