I recently learned about this Kickstarter campaign to fund a film about the public hanging of a young gay man and his partner in Tehran, Iran in 2005. Watch the trailer above and learn more about what the film crew hopes to accomplish.

Film website: http://sinmoviesite.com/

What is “Sin” about?

Inspired by a true story, ‘Sin’ is an American Feature Film which will bring to life an emotional tale of a teenager who was killed by public hanging along with his partner in Iran because he was gay.

Videos and pictures of this sad incident were released online in July 2005, but the world forgot about it soon after.

Through this movie we will get to know this teenager’s life, whose only crime was that he wanted to be accepted by his society, with his true identity.

By this tragic story we will be addressing an important question; Why some people who are in love don’t have the same rights, as others? Is it just because they are different from what the world expects them to be?

How is “Sin” different from other LGBT films?

We will be taking our audience to a new culture, a society where things are different from the western world. With never before seen locations and unique style of story telling this film be a new experience for movie goers.

Along with American cast and crew we will also be collaborating with international artist and film technicians to bring a completely diverse experience for viewers.

For ‘Sin’ movie background music and original soundtrack we will bring together fusion of Persian, Indian classic and American artists making it first of its kind.

Why this film needs to be funded…

There are no words in any language to adequately convey the level of sympathy, and body-crushing grief for someone losing their life because they are gay or lesbian.

This film has the potential to open hearts and minds, which is the only way equality will become a reality.

The world through this film will get to know that being straight, gay, bisexual, or transgender isn’t the defining feature of who that person is. Rights shouldn’t be based on something so personal. There is no reason for the horrid and rampant inequality. All are created equal, no one is better than another.

Our story is about a person whose rights and opportunities were treated less importantly than those of other people in the same society, which is a global fact today regardless where you are. There are many areas in which gays, lesbians, & bisexuals do not have the same rights and opportunities as others in society.

We believe this story deserves to be told and you can help make this campaign wonderfully huge and powerful by showing your love and support to make movie ‘Sin’ happen and be a part of delivering this message.

Let love live, wherever it may be. No beliefs should block innocent love or even passion. Love is eternal!

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