Gay Holiday Gift Guide

The following is essentially my own personal gift list — all the things I want (though I’ve already got the cookbook!) — but I thought I’d share it here on the blog as well. Travel has pretty much permeated my entire life and it doesn’t matter what I do these days, there’s something travel-related behind it. My bedroom walls are covered with maps; my bookshelf is full of travel books and at least 5 different cameras; my kitchen full of edible souvenirs from trips to Italy and Spain. Seriously. I love to travel.

That’s why I wanted to share the things that I love that I’m sure other gay (and straight!) travelers can appreciate. Let me know what you think.

For guys who travel in style


Pilot and Captain — T-shirts That Inspire Wanderlust

I stumbled on this website and pretty much immediately fell in love with the design. They take international airport codes, style it with some nice typography and put it on t-shirts, hipster totes (“carry on bags,” they say) and greeting cards. T-shirts like the Rome FCO one above are just $32 and many of them are on sale through January 7th.

For the shutterbugs


Olympus Cameras — PEN E-P5

I don’t personally own this camera but it’s on my wish list! I love the vintage/retro look which makes it appear as if it’s an old, classic film camera. But don’t be fooled! It’s a full-fledged digital camera which features interchangeable lenses. So basically it’s small-enough that you don’t need to lug around a big camera but comes with the full package. Check out the deals for this camera on

For London lovers


Lovely JoJo’s — We Love You London Map

I stumbled on this London designer’s work at a craft fair in London last month. I was drawn in by her t-shirts (seriously – they’re so colorful & fun!) but it was this hand-drawn London map on the wall that really made me goggly-eyed. I love the honest authenticity of the original map. The only thing keeping me back is the £120 price tag, but hey…that’s what Santa is for, right?

For the guys who write


Lucy Loves This — London Greeting Cards

Another find from the craft fair in London, these greeting cards, prints & posters are just the right mix of simplicity and style. With a full-range of the alphabet, this set of 26 monochrome cards, features a card dedicated to a different area of London. I’ve got the Hackney one sitting on my desk! Only costs £35 for the full set!

For the hungry & food-obsessed


The Lotus and the Artichoke — Vegan Cookbook

I’ve got this cookbook in my kitchen and it’s as great for its recipes as it is for the stories and anecdotes. Plus there’s the added bonus that the recipes are all vegan — though you might not even notice that. My favorite dishes are the ones inspired by Indian cuisine. But it for just $21.95 + shipping!

When you don’t know what to get


Next Gay Thing — Gay Packs

I found this new company on Pinterest and was pretty much immediately attracted to the idea. You sign up by answering a handful of questions about your interests and then the guys behind the company personally curate a collection of underwear, grooming supplies and beauty products for men. I’ve only received one pack but the idea is to arrange for a new pack each month with new supplies. It’s a great starter kit for guys looking to sample various products. Packs start at just €19 per month!

* * *

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