Harvey Milk movie poster Finally watched Milk, the movie about Harvey Milk. I know it’s something I should’ve seen a long time ago, but before I “came out” (ugh, I hate that phrase), I wasn’t really into watching movies with gay themes. Though in college, I very much remember being very much into the gay rights movement. (It was Boston after all, and I was there when gay marriage was finally legalized). In fact, I probably could’ve been pushed to come out much sooner if I’d seen more things that featured gay themes, people, etc.

Anyways, the movie was good. I was kind of hoping it would quash all this pent-up frustration for activism. With Occupy Wall Street (and seeing Occupy Berlin first-hand), I’ve been really eager to participate in some of the many causes I believe in and support. But at the same time, I don’t feel comfortable enough devoting all my time, energy and motivation into politics. It can be so emotionally draining. Well, regardless, I was secretly hoping that watching a movie about political activism would help serve as a release. Not so much. Now I just feel guilty and useless. Guilty because I’m not doing enough. Useless because I’m not even trying.

Maybe I need a wake-up call. And the time and money to do the things that I not only want to do, but really need to do.

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