Saunas are well known are all over the world, the history goes backĀ  thousands of years… Finns always had some form of sweat bath, as did most peoples around the world. It was the simplest and most efficient way to satisfy people’s innate need to keep clean. Those are basically the first time it was believed saunas came from, things have changed a lot and now you can find ‘thematic’ saunas, such as family saunas, straight saunas, and of course gay Saunas.

As I left home to come to Europe at the age of 20, my desire to explore new things became much stronger than I thought. After 3 motnhs of living in Germany I decided it was time to make a 3 week trip to Amsterdam, the reasons where pretty obvious, summer, canals all over the city, beautiful language, Dutch guys and of course local food. Once the first 2 weeks were gone I had already seen pretty much a lot from the city, had walked miles around and met wonderful people, however I felt like missing something… Yes, I was missing the gay experience. When I travel I don’t feel like mandatory going to the number gay places in town, I believe we can all mix and join around, no matter what your sexuality is.

The clock was pointing 10pm, I had already had a couple beers and it was supposed to be a lonely night for me. Something told me that I should that extra mile and push myself to try new things to live new experiences and learn from them, I got to to a pretty famous gay Sauna in Amsterdam called Thermos, got there feeling like it was a mistake to do it, and for a second thought about just going back to the Hotel.

After 10 minutes of thinking about which would be the right desition, I walked to the Sauna and got in. It wasn’t as I thought, it was clean, that night we had a very young public and if you don’t feel like doing anything with anyone you just gently push their hands away and they will politely retire and keep looking for someone else. There was also a steam room where you can only see shadows and people walking around, very interesting I have to say… No negative comments about my first time in a Sauna, it was just as regular as going to the gym.

If you’ve never been to a gay Sauna, just give it a try!