Now on his second round-the-world trip, Jaime’s photos are vibrant and full of energy. He’ll take you to the likes of Mexico, India, and his native United States, all the while staying true to his open book personality that has made thousands of readers follows his adventures online.




Always stylish and always travelling, DJ Yabis is like a walking runway, and he takes his catwalk of cool styles to some of the most glamorous and gorgeous destinations throughout Europe. From Finland and France to Berlin and beyond, DJ’s stunning photography will have you frantically searching for flights to his featured destinations.


I just took this on a moving van. Finland you can stop being so ridiculously beautiful. #outdoorsfinland

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A professional photographer, Robert Schrader’s Instagram photos will inject you with a hearty dose of wanderlust as he heads to atypical destinations that you might not have even heard of.  Follow this fiercely passionate and often outspoken blogger as he heads to all corners of the globe and takes you with him with his raw photography.




Vancouverite Daniel, blogger at Daniel Yellow, knows how to photograph a stunning vista or two, and given the part of the world he lives in, he has more than a little bit of inspiration nearby! From Vancouver itself to Whistler and beyond, this sporty guy will have you pining for nature and, occasionally, the nearest gourmet burger shop.


Probably shouldn't have shared my oat biscuit with this little guy, but he kept jumping on me…

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Berlin-based hipster travel blogger extraordinaire Adam Groffman is a global jet-setter who has travelled the world and is still itching for more. From quirky festivals and craft beers to music festivals and up-and-coming neighbourhoods, Adam’s effortless cool makes him one to follow.


Totally falling in love with Prague on this trip! Such a beautiful city 😍

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A Malaysian photographer Charles, is fiercely proud of his home country, and this can be seen in his pictures, which reflect the country the capital Kuala Lumpur, to his hometown of Penang. For a slice of multicultural Asia in your feed, Charles is the account to follow.


#masjidputra #putra #putrajaya #perbadananputrajaya #malaysia

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One of the top travel bloggers out there, Matt Long’s passion for seeing the world is visible when you take one look at his photos. From the neon streets of Hong Kong to the wonderful wilderness of the Canadian plains, Washington DC-based Matt’s photography skills will show you how truly beautiful our world is.


Gorgeous countryside surrounding the UNESCO Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump #explorealberta

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When it comes to travel selfies, Jason Yau, or @jyau1, is the undisputed king, with a charming smile and killer physique that have over 10,000 followers and counting swooning. If you’re looking for a dose of man candy but without excessive narcissism to grace your IG feed, this is one account you need to follow, with locales as diverse as NYC, Thailand and Macau being featured.




Travel blogger Aaron has traversed the globe, to destinations as far-flung as Kurdistan and Bhutan, and his Instagram photos will only make you want to scratch your travel bug even more. Now based in New York, but with regular stints abroad, Aaron is a great example of a gay guy who veers away from the well-trodden path.


Really nice #sunset tonight, as seen from the @highlinenyc. #NYC #HighLine

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Hailing from bonny Scotland, blogger and engineer Josh is known for his humour, honesty, and sharing way too much information. Selfies crop up almost as much as photos of stunning landscapes, and Josh shows you that it is possible to combine a full-time job with regular travel, if you make room for it.




Luis, a Spanish blogger based in Barcelona, loves to capture city life, from urban chaos and confusion to dramatic sunsets and daring architecture. This bearded gay man is an art lover and appreciator of all things beautiful, with his artistic eye capturing photos that will make you swoon.


Una habitación con vistas en el @praktikhotels Metropol de Madrid

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Londoner David is on a mission to see the world, and his refreshing candidness is one of the things his readers love about him – there’s no sugarcoating going on here! His photos are the same, and they truly reflect the destinations he goes to, whether that be a Cambodian drag bar or a pool in Mexico with a killer view.


I am spending the next ten days on the coast of #Oaxaca #Mexico. Hello #Mazunte, you beauty.

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Gay couple Auston and David always showcase a whole lot of fun, frolics and, erm, wine in their Instagram photos – and that’s one of the reasons you’ll love them. After embarking on a campaign to show the diversity of gay prides throughout Europe, this Madrid-based twosome are worth clicking ‘follow’ on.


Cuteness alert! This village. #Ainsa

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I must admit, Pi – known as @yuttakorn on IG – is my Instagram crush. Cute as hell and with a penchant for travel, this Thai guy living in London fills my feed with food, selfies, and the occasional jealousy-inducing view. And don’t even get me started on that cock-in-a-sock photo…




OK, so this one is pretty shameless – it’s my IG account! From duckface selfies to foodporn and city parks to cute cafes, my photos have the fun factor, and occasionally the WTF factor, too. Most are from Taipei, considering I live there right now, but snaps from the likes of Bangkok, Belgrade, Milan and Edinburgh have all popped up, among others.


Love the colours on temples here. #Taiwan #Taipei #Asia #igaddict #igerstaiwan #travel #temple

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Of course, there are a whole host of other gay travellers on Instagram just waiting for you to follow them, but these 15 users are a good start. Now go swoon over their travel photos, drool over the foodporn pics, and try not to roll your eyes too much at all the selfies.