Last week a new pair of underwear from aussieBum landed in my mailbox and it got me thinking…. of all the things I pack when I travel, I probably spend more time picking which underwear to bring than most other items in my pack! aussieBum has a huge number of underwear (and swimwear!) options, and they’ve only just recently launched a new line, WJ Raw Exposed — “for the man who oozes confidence.” Sign me up!

I love packing sexy underwear when I travel. And as I pack up my suitcase for a gay travel adventure in Thailand today, I thought I’d share my favorite reasons for packing the best underwear I own… Here’s the lowdown:

“Pull me off” – Who doesn’t want underwear that says something like that?! 😉

4 Reasons To Pack Sexy Underwear

Whether you’re traveling solo or as a couple, having the right underwear with you is a must. Here’s why I always pack my best underwear when I travel.

1. It doesn’t take up much space.

Whether briefs or hipsters, the smaller the underwear, the less space it’s going to take up in your luggage. Priority #1!

2. Underwear is less easy to buy when traveling.

If you’re like me, you like to shop when traveling. From tacky tourist t-shirts to the occasional pit-stop in H&M. But underwear is pretty much universally the same and you’re less likely to stumble on cool designs. Rather bring your own.

aussieBum - WJ Raw Exposed
Check out the new line of aussieBum underwear, WJ Raw Exposed on the aussieBum website. Hipster briefs from 15€ ($22)

3. It makes you feel good.

I don’t care how dirty my clothes are, but when I’m wearing my favorite underwear, I could easily own the town.

4. You never know when an opportunity might come up.

Meeting other gay travelers on the road can be a tricky affair — but it’s certainly not impossible. And you just never know when the opportunity might come up when you need to look your best. If the only underwear in your bag is a nice pair of sexy briefs, you’ll be fine.

* * *

Now it’s your turn: tell me what underwear you’re packing!