The more you travel, the more you get to live new experiences. Some of them can be taken as good and some others… Well, you would prefer not to repeat them. Depending where you’re traveling the attitude towards gay tourists is different, some countries allow you to be openly gay, others just take you to jail and treat you as a criminal for expressing the way you are.

Some of the problems gay tourists experience while begin abroad change from time to time, some of them include: Rudeness from locals, public discrimination, and worse case scenario physical violence. This happens to many tourists in all possible cases, and all possible places. As an example I’d like to tell you my experience in a Hostel in Amsterdam where one of the people that were sleeping in my room refused to stay the night at the hostel because he wasn’t going to spend the night in the same room where a gay was sleeping! Stupid, isn’t it?

As this could happen anywhere in this world, the only I can tell you is to say NO to homophobia. We all deserve respect and the fact that we are gay shouldn’t be a problem for us to be in any country, tell this people who commit these acts of discrimination to stop and shut up, that would be the only way people is finally going to learn that sleeping with another guy in the same room won’t make them gay(some of this people already are).

In case something bigger happens or you just want to report this type of cases, there’s countries like the Netherlands where the Pink Police will be glad to help you anytime!