There’s something special about a visit to the Canary Islands. Far enough away from Europe, but still popular for European holidays, the islands aren’t just for short weekend breaks but rather more suited for a proper holiday. The kind of holiday where you might spend a few days lounging on the beach, evenings in the clubs and the occasional day trips for museums, hiking or other sporty activities. Popular though it is with its beautiful beaches, you can also spend your holiday in Tenerife mountain biking, hiking or maybe just chilling out at some of Tenerife’s wineries (this is still Spain, you know?). The island’s interior is as lush as its coast is sandy!

For gay travelers, the Canary Islands offer up plenty of good travel opportunities. Tenerife Island, the perfect holiday destination, has many options available for every type of tourist. Whether getting a tan on the beach or hiking in the hinterlands, Tenerife is just large enough to accommodate, while still being small enough to have that good ol’-fashioned island mentality.

Gay Tenerife

To get the most of Tenerife as a gay traveler, you’ll find most nightlife in the northern part of the island, especially around Playa de la Cruz. One of the more established gay-friendly resorts in Puerto de la Cruz is the Playflor which has helpful information for gay tourists on their website.

Elsewhere in Tenerife, the capital city of Santa Cruz also has a gay scene—though much more local than the heavily touristed areas in the north. Santa Cruz is also hoVisit Las Americas for beautiful beaches and sunny weather in southern Tenerife.

Tenerife Carnival

During Carnival in February and March, expect Tenerife’s colors to really shine. Flamobyant drag queens and outlandish costumes grace the streets of Santa Cruz Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife during Carnival. It’s the island’s biggest party and the world’s second largest Carnival celebration after Rio de Janeiro’s. The annual event often sees upwards of 250,000 spectators so if you do plan to attend, plan EARLY. Accommodation books up quick!

Manifestación Orgullo LGTB Tenerife (2 de 25)