When you bring up the word ‘sauna’ in conversation with a group of gay men, dirty laughs, sniggers, or just plain old disapproval are often the first reactions. If you’ve been to saunas in the United States and Europe, that kind of reaction is perfectly understandable – the gay saunas in the majority of cities there are usually smelly, run-down, and attract, erm, questionable clientele a lot of the time. However, Asia does things differently, as showcased when looking at the best gay saunas in Asia. Cleanliness, top-notch facilities and good customer service are all the order of the day, and it’s possible to even go to the gay saunas without feeling like you need to head inside a sex maze brushing against guys lurking by doorways – although that’s possible, too. Come on, we’re talking about gay saunas here. So, if you’re heading to Asia and looking to check out the local facilities, where should you be heading to? Here are some of the best on the continent.


Aniki, Taipei

When it comes to gay saunas in Taipei, all the others are mere pretenders when compared to Aniki, and Aniki is definitely up there with the best gay saunas in Asia, too. Recently relocated, refurbished and reopened, Aniki is the gold standard for Taiwan’s gay saunas, and it’s famous for the wild parties it throws each Saturday evening – expect foam, thumping club tunes, and on occasion, pools full of lube (maybe not one for the hairy guys). The guys that go to Aniki tend to be young and good-looking yet devoid of attitude, and you won’t find any money boys in here.


Hutong, Hong Kong

The premier gay sauna in Hong Kong, Hutong is the city’s first sauna that’s been rated six-stars, and attracts a veritable treasure trove of eye candy, both local and international. With spotless facilities, a relaxed atmosphere and cheerful staff there to greet you, Hutong is the place to go to if you’re looking for some no-strings-attached fun with toned twinks or muscular men from around the globe while visiting the uber-modern city, home to one of the best gay scenes in Asia.


24 Kaikan, Tokyo

Spread out over eight stories, Tokyo’s 24 Kaikan is a sprawling complex located in the city’s Shinjuku district and, unlike some of its other counterparts, is welcoming to foreigners. Being Tokyo, the price for a private room can be a bit on the expensive side, so most of the action occurs across the middle three floors, in what are ironically called sleeping areas – very little sleeping is actually done. If you’re a foreigner (particularly a non-Asian), Japanese men can be notoriously hard to draw out, so you’ll likely have to make a little more effort than in your average gay sauna, but that’s just part of the fun and something that makes 24 Kaikan one of the best gay saunas in Asia.


Club Bath, Manila

Few tourists make Manila more than a stopover when visiting to the Philippines, however if you do find yourself with a day or two to kill in the capital, you may want to check out Club Bath, the oldest and most prestigious gay sauna in the country. With a mini-gym, steam room, shower room and TV lounge, you can easily wile away a few hours in the venue, and probably meet a Pinoy hunk or two – the place is packed after 9pm on the weekends.


Babylon, Bangkok

No conversation about the best gay saunas in Asia would be complete without mentioning Babylon. Located on a rather ritzy road in the Silom neighbourhood, near several European embassies, you’d be at first forgiven for mistaking Babylon for the abode of someone rather wealthy. Things get no different inside, with a restaurant and swimming pool, however there is still the ubiquitous sex maze, dubbed the ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’. Expect guys of all nationalities and body shapes in Babylon – you’re sure to find somebody that you like in what is possibly the world’s most famous gay sauna.


Just as you would back home, remember to respect yourself and your partner if you decide to head to any of these gay saunas in Asia, and use protection – being on vacation doesn’t prevent you from picking up any unwanted nasties. Not all venues have condoms in the private rooms, so it would be a wise idea to bring your own or buy some when there. You don’t want to be bringing any extra souvenirs home with you!


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