Opera is one of the most loved and enduring forms of art. It can make you feel the world is a better place. However, there are other reasons that can make start loving Opera. For example Opera singers!

If you haven’t ever realised about how beatiful some of them are, there is a website that can easily show you who calls the shots when it comes to opera singers. They are located all around the globe, they can even be at your local city. The name of this website is BARIHUNKS,


Some of us would think the only purpose of this site is to sexualize Opera singers. However, this guys have in mind much more than that…


1. To promote baritones and basses, especially emerging talent.
2. To financially assist singers and promote opera through the sale of our calendar and tee shirts.
3. To make opera competitive with television and movies, by making it appealing to new audiences.
4. To promote good health and self-esteem. A great voice coupled with a healthy life-style prolongs careers.
5. Keep opera positive! No bitchiness allowed! This industry is tough enough.

You can even support this artists by buying their calendar HERE.