Lots of things happening in the news. Since it’s Thanksgiving today, I’ll just share some snippets:

Republicans plan to fight in New Hampshire just before the primary

Looks like Republicans are already gearing up to stop the latest bit of progress. As if the 2012 presidential campaign isn’t enough, Republicans are planning to introduce legislation repealing New Hampshire’s law which allows gay marriage. Ugh

The Advocate and it’s Thanksgiving magazine covers

The Advocate magazine shares some of its Thanksgiving-themed magazine covers from the years. They’re not very pretty.

England and Wales’ law allowing gay marriages in church

Earlier this month, the UK (specifically England and Wales) made it possible for gays to be wed in churches (by civil ceremony). Looks like there are some people who are about to put up a fight against that as well.

More homophobia in Africa — Cameroon jails men over gay sex

I’ve already shared my thoughts about Uganda, and now Cameroon is making news about its laws which make homosexuality illegal. Three men were sentenced to five years in prison for “homosexual acts.”