Once upon a time the fashion blogging world used to belong to girls, we didn’t have much of a chance to make in this world controlled by female bloggers wearing their Jeffrey Campbells and walking around on high heels that only 1% of the population is able to walk on. That’s the reason why I have decided to show off some of the top male bloggers that made it. Some of these male fashion bloggers are faces who are visible on the biggest runways around the world. These guys are located all around the world, they know no obstacles and are always travelling around the globe proving that guys can make it in the fashion blogging business. Whether gay or not (mostly gay bloggers) it’s important to see the potential these people have and how far they’ve taken it, even to the point of starting their own businesses and collaborating with labels that otherwise might seem inaccessible.


Adam Gallagher

Based in New York, Adam Gallagher is the male fashion blogger who seems to be in every single Male Fashion Show that you can imagine. In my opinion his beautiful face and casual but at the same time dappered style have captivated most of his readers, there’s also something about him that makes him someone approachable to the readers. He’s definitely not one of these ”I am amazing LOVE ME” bloggers we are all used to see. He seems to be a nice guy and I think that and his talent to pose for the camera have given Adam the top spot.


Pelayo Diaz

Hot-blooded Spanish fashion male blogger Pelayo Diaz is the next one to be featured in my list. I don’t have to say a lot about him since his style talks a lot for himself, the way he combines and sets outfits is something I admire. His look achieves the appeareance of “not-trying-hard.”

mykita_radhourani copy

Bryan Boy

Based in NY excentric -gay- male- blogger Bryan boy seems to be everywhere you check on the Internet, from street style blogs to VOGUE, STYLE.COM and some others. Although his blog is not exactly my cup of tea I do respect and find amazing the fact that he’s fear enough to wear almost everything out there, and of course the fact that he moved his derrière from the Philippines to make himself a career in Fashion…

nick-wooster-_ritratto-20130621593709 copy

Nick Wooster

Described by many as a ONE-MAN brand, fashionisto and of course an object of veneration by Intagramers and street style photographers, this guy has in my opinion one of the best trimmed beards in the world history, not only a sexy face who walks around waiting to be caught by a photographer, but a business person who has potential and uses it the right way!

devabout thibabout

Starecasers by David Gualandris and Thibaud Guyonnet

Starecasers is a men’s fashion blog started in 2011 and run by two Berlin-based young men. The blog is mostly dedicated to male outfits, travelling (a lot) and events. These two gentlemen do have a really good sense of style.