He’s into cocktails, sun-loungers and reading the latest Jackie Collins and you’re into rock climbing, camping in the rainforest and white water rafting. Where to go, and what to do? The Gay Dating Expert lists some travel tips below!

Alternate the holidays

Well, one solution is alternate the holidays. You choose one holiday; he chooses the next. That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Not really. Spending your hard earned money on a holiday you won’t enjoy is like spending your money at the dentist office for some needless root canal treatment. And what would there to be look forward to if you’re just anxious, stressed and nervous about an upcoming trip?

Take separate holidays

Couple touching handsTake separate holidays? Well this is an idea, however when you go on holiday you just might want to share the experience with a loved one, and where is the romance in sleeping in a single bed and paying a single supplement for the privilege?

How to travel when you and your partner have different opinions

Booking a holiday as a couple can cause major rifts in a relationship. An ex-partner of mine was very static and had immoveable views on holidays. He only preferred one destination and refused to budge. Needless to say…that relationship ended; it wasn’t just over the holiday, it was the similar attitude he displayed towards other areas of our relationship.

The key is to compromise. And to research. There are plenty of destinations that cater for both. While your partner is experiencing the delights of the health spa you could be swinging from the trees, or scuba diving the coral reefs.

The internet is a marvelous tool and with ample amounts of travel guides, you have no excuse both to enjoy a holiday together without either of you compromising what you really desire.

Always remember the military rule, ‘Poor planning results in poor performance.’ Research destinations relentlessly and create a bucket list of things you both can do individually and together. If you just book a flight and hope for the best when you turn up at the arrivals lounge, the chances are you will have a costly problem on your hands. When it’s a holiday, try and give the most time imaginable to plan the holiday, it’s not always down to you—so be sure to involve your partner. Ultimately if he wants to lay on a sun bed, sipping cocktails in the warm sunshine, his requirement are quite simple, just make sure you’re not booking a ski trip in the alps. There are plenty of sunny destinations that have exciting activities and tours for the more adventurous to try out.

Your partner may love flicking through the health spa therapies. And while he does that you can do what you want! Always ensure you do some activities together, and not just him putting bandages and plasters on your cuts and sprains!

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