This week, Florida’s official tourism site,, unveiled a new online portal for travelers to virtually walk Florida’s best beaches. With just a few clicks in your browser you can set your preferences on their site to find the right beach for you. Looking for something secluded? Or maybe something action-packed? Use the Beach Finder to set your preferences and easily escape into sunny Florida. Just turn up the Jack Johnson on your Spotify and away you go…

Florida Beach

The Beach Finder portal is part of a partnership between Visit Florida and Google Maps during which they spent four months trekking over 740 miles of Florida’s beaches. Now 360-degree panoramas of everywhere from Miami Beach to little-known places like — are available on’s Beach Finder. Each featured beach includes hyper-local content including the famous Google Street View 360-degree panoramas, exclusive videos and extra photos.

Visit to see it in action or check out the teaser video below.