So many profile photos changed red this week in support of gay rights in the USA. The equality meme spread fast and far and eventually included many celebrity and company supporters. One of the few tourism providers (besides the already LGBTQ travel companies) I noticed that went “red” for equality was Expedia.

Expedia is no stranger to support for the queer community. Last year they filmed a “Find Your Understanding” video which followed the real-life story of Artie Goldstein traveling across the country to attend his daughter’s same-sex marriage. It was a touching story and I was proud to see Expedia so publicly showing support for gay rights. During the referendum in Washington state last November, Expedia was also one of the major supporters for equality.

Watch Expedia’s “Find Your Understanding” video below:

Please don’t forget that clicktivism is just one small step in standing up for what you believe in! Don’t forget to make a donation to either the HRC (which initiated the red square meme) or any organization fighting for equality.

Did you spot any other tourism companies that went red on Facebook this week?