Have you ever wondered what it is like having a beard? Do people will perceive you in a different way?- Those were things I asked myself during the last few weeks. An answer to these questions would only be possible by experimenting. That’s why no razor will be seen at my place for the next weeks.

Being labeled as a  ‘twink’ wasn’t bothering me at all, I enjoyed myself and took advantage of it. The number of guys asking to get twinks is just ridiculous, there seem to be people focused/obssesed with it. It doesn’t mean the opposite with beards, speacially in Berlin, which I like calling ” The City of all beards” – Hipsters with all types of beards, leather guys with beards (obviously), and of course the regular population wishing to have the genes to get one.

By having said that, I don’t mean to offend anyone. Just to clarify that having a beard doesn’t make you more of a men. Unfortunately gay society stigmatizes each one of us, and doesn’t really offer as much freedom as it declares. This feeling made me want to see how it feels like being on other side of the river, meaning: Growing a Beard.

At the beginnning I didn’t really think this would change a lot the public I usually attract. To my surprise, it did. On the train I would get more eye-contact with guys that were normally out of my league. It has to do with the fact most guys here have a beardm sounds like a cliché, but that’s how it is. 5 days have gone by, growing a beard sounds like a plan to me! One that will probably take about 3 weeks to happen…

Not worrying about shaving is nice, it saves also 10 minutes of your day. Doesn’t make you much more of a men but it will make you look much more masculine ( exception: very querky bearded guys ) –  Guys seem to be into it, so let’s go for it. A follow-up story will be posted in about 2 weeks, just to let you know further results of it.