I was recently made aware of a new startup in London that’s meant to help tourists navigate their way through London’s sprawling nightlife scene. The company, Whitenighter, provides a platform to create “authentic nightlife experiences” for tourists. It works by coupling up visitors with residents in-the-know of the local nightlife. Only available for London at the moment, the service has a handful of local residents offering up details on their typical night out, such as this guy’s:


London NightlifeFinding the right nightlife on a vacation can be one of the more challenging parts of a short city trip. Sometimes it takes a few days just to figure out the lay of the land, let alone to know which clubs are the hottest and which are the less-than-stellar. Most of the “whitenighters” in London seem to be in their early 20s and the range of music recommendations varies from techno to pop & hip-hop. Personally I’m not entirely sold on the idea yet, but it does seem to be clever.

And until November 4th, it’s possible to enter to win a night out with one of the London Whitenighters. By entering your details on their website, you’re given the opportunity to experience real London nightlife with a ‘nightlife safari.’ The Whitenight crew will take the winner & their friends out for a dinner, cocktails and night out dancing in one of London’s many clubs. Enter the contest here.

A selection of the London Whitenighters – who would you want to experience the nightlife with?