Thing to do in Lisbon


Planning a Lisbon Travelling Tour? Here Are 5 Things You Must Do While There

Lisbon is an abundance of indescribable beauty, wonderful people and enduring sunshine. This gorgeous Portuguese capital is a cornucopia of things to do and see. Take a tour. Travel in Lisbon, and you will certainly dream of permanently relocating there. Although the city of Lisbon is small compared to other Western European capitals, it is the largest city and the only capital of Portugal. If you want to grasp the distinctive atmosphere of Lisbon, do these five things!

Treat Yourself

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, the city that is Lisbon has an assortment of pastries that will take you days to sample them all. That explains why the Portuguese have an undeniable sweet tooth. Their scope of sweets is even stretched further during fall and prior to Christmas season. In essence, you will never regret their manifold of pastries. You can equally treat yourself to the fancy, delicious soups in between sightseeing. These are some of the perks of Lisbon travelling.

Go to the Beach

The fact that the Atlantic Ocean is so close to Lisbon, the enthralling city oozes an irresistible amount of charm. You are certain of being woken up by the sound of seagulls every morning when you live in the city centre. In fact, you are bound to be constantly aware of the ocean when in Lisbon as Portugal’s history is deeply connected to the water – even street lamps décor is a testament to this fact as they all bare little ships. Travel in Lisbon and experience the beach.

Go Out. Enjoy the Nightlife!

You are bound to have the time of your life going out in Lisbon. Thanks to the wild party scenes in Lisbon that can go all through the night till sunrise. Fancy clubs are in plenty; you can dance and have a crazy party night of a lifetime with Ponte de 25 Abril in your view. When in Lisbon, sample parties that happen in the 18th-century neighborhood that is Bairro Alto. This is where you can find crazy ‘Lisbon for gays’ party nights. People buy drinks and stand outside all night.

Take a Break

Take things slow. The Portuguese like it slow. So, when in Lisbon do as the Portuguese do. Take your time and seize every little good thing of the indescribable beauty of Lisbon city. Take a break and enjoy the friendly and welcoming aura of the people. If you travel in Lisbon and get overwhelmed by the enduring sunshine, take a break. Find yourself a little pastelaria on a stunning street. Watch the people. Order a coffee. Sit in the sun. Enjoy life.

Get Lost In a Neighborhood

There is no better way to discover Lisbon than to get lost in its sterling neighborhoods. When in a Lisbon travelling tour, get lost in the lovely Principe Real and the medieval Lapa, Bica and Alfama neighborhoods. Just wander aimlessly and enjoy people as they pass you by, the old men peeling oranges, and women drying their laundry in front of their kitchen windows. There is no better way to experience and see Lisbon!