5 Gay Things To Know About London

With a population of 8 million people, London is the second largest metropolitan city in all of Europe. It’s also a major melting pot of cultures, with inhabitants from as far away as India and Sri Lanka, to Ireland, Poland, and many other countries, all of whom who call this epicenter of culture home.

London’s sheer diversity ensures you can find all kinds of gay thing to do. This makes getting to know the gay scene of London a rather fun experience, as newcomers can dive into many new things that otherwise can’t be done elsewhere.

5 Gay Things To Know About London

5 Gay Things to Know About London

1) For starters, the Soho neighborhood in Central London is where you will find the biggest gay community (mainly around Old Compton Street). Here you’ll find many gay bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops. It’s a great starting point for newcomers to London to meet other tourists and locals. Highly recommended is a stop at G-A-Y Bar for a cheap drink. This popular gay area of London is simply not to be missed.

2) The east end districts of Vauxhall and Hackney are two other popular gay areas where you can go to satisfy your “party boy” habits. There’s something for everyone when it comes to nightlife there, as London has been powering the gay nightlife scene for a very long time now. Check out the world famous club, Heaven where you’ll be completely surrounded by nothing but handsome men. If you’re looking for something a little more low key, there are plenty of traditional gay pubs in the area as well. Don’t be afraid to open Grindr, to see who’s around, and find a local who can take you around.

3) BFI Flare, London’s premier Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, showcases the best new and classic LGBT films from around the world each spring. This week long festival has been running for 30 years now, and is now a longstanding tradition that brings awareness of gay culture to the big screen.

4) The Easter holiday weekend is almost just as big as New Year’s Eve in London. This is the best weekend to go out and enjoy tons of gay parties. As One Easter Weekend Festival is a celebration that lasts five days, with eight different venues involved, and ten incredible parties.

5) London’s Gay Pride at the end of June, is a week long festival worth attending. There are several parties throughout the week that lead up to London’s pride parade that celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities across London. It brings like minded attendees from all around the United Kingdom and Europe, who want to do nothing more than have fun and rejoice in equality together. The main events on the final day take place at Trafalgar Square where there’s always popular performers for all the spectators and performers to enjoy. Though the fun doesn’t end there, Soho of course takes over at night with parties and events in the many pubs, clubs, and bars that line this vibrant neighborhood.