Travel blogs for LGBTQ travelers

Some of these blogs are written by LGBTQ travelers, or else have covered relevant topics for gay travelers.

Travels of Adam - Adam’s travel blog, affectionately called a “hipster blog” but don’t get turned off by the word
Breakaway Backpacker - Jaime’s blog covers his 2-year RTW trip
Backpack with Brock - Brock’s videos from around the world
Boy in Pink Earmuffs - LGBT comic by Jay Fuller
Nomadic Boys – Two greedy boys exploring the world
No Vacation Required - The NVR Guys focus on social responsibility and outdoor travel
A More Quiet Place - Fede in Berlin writes about all the quirky parts of life
Quirky Travel Guy - Scott’s blog about the quirkiest travel attractions in North America
Where’s Waldner? - Corey blogged about his round-the-world trip
Aaron’s WW Adventures - Aaron’s travels in the Middle East, NYC and everywhere else
Adventures with Ben - Ben’s travels from just about everywhere
Globetrotter Girls - This lesbian couple has had the most amazing adventures in South America & everywhere else
1 dad, 1 kid, 1 adventure - An incredible journey passionate about politics & adventures
Engineer on the Road - Business travel at its best
Waegook Tom - An expat based in South Korea teaching, but about to embark on a big trip
Man on the Lam - Raymond’s hilarious blog with some of the world’s most interesting topics
That Gay Backpacker - British backpacker now traipsing around Southeast Asia
Southwest Compass – Exploring the southwestern part of the USA
Indefinite Adventure - A British expat couple (big on minimalism) that left the UK for the world
Farsickness Blog - Beautiful photography
Desperately Seeking Adventure – An adventure travel blog with city tips
The Conversationalist - A travel story by a bearded guy, with hints of narcism & arrogance
Two Bad Tourists - Around-the-world adventurists
Vagaybond – Gay men traveling the world connecting with other gay men
Singaporean in London - Lifestyle blog from the UK
Sven’s Guide to Oz - Expat in Australia
Perking the Pansies - Expat in Turkey writing about the requisite stories from abroad
Dream Euro Trip - Guide to Europe with a budget calculator as well
St. Murphy – Professional Homo - Gay lifestyle blog
Bounding over our steps - Lesbian couple writing about their travel experiences – well-written & thought-provoking
Leave your Daily Hell - So many blog posts from Robert, his daily life and musings from on the road
Flashpack at Forty - Around the world stories from two forty-something flashpackers
Globotreks - building a world through travel and great stories

Recommended travel bloggers

Living the Dream around the world – going longer, cheaper and living your dream
Dropout Diaries - tales from a toddler-toting street food-obsessed digital nomad
A Dangerous Business – small-town girl from Ohio with big adventures and travel dreams
My Sardinian Life – a blog about living in Sardinia
Glamour Granny travels – world travels of a chic granny
Wild About Travel – travel tales by a travel addict
Travel Globe – your budget and adventure travel guide
Explore for a Year – travel blog with plenty of resources & practical travel tips for taking time off around the world

Recommended gay travel resources - USA State Department’s guide to gay travel around the world
Gay travel and vacation guide - From

Miscellaneous travel sites – is the world’s collaborative guide to great experiences and little adventures
GoBackpacking – comprehensive blog about backpacking for travellers
Where R You – travel smarter; experience more
Switchback travel – for the outdoor-minded traveller
Trail of Ants Travel Blog – a rtw travel blog

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