Summer is here! We can’t stop thinking about things to do and how to enjoy ourselves while having temperatures going from 25 until 34 degrees, this seems the perfect scenario to just take your clothes off and walk naked down the street, however this is forbidden in several countries… That’s why we have decided to create a guide on how to dress in Summer and it includes mostly the things you shouldn’t wear and the looks you’re definitely not aimimg for.

things you don't want to wear in Summer

1. Do we really need deep v-neck tshirts? – If you want to show your chest you can either wear nothing or just a tanktop, I don’t see the point on wearing these tshirts, there’s nothing sexy about them, it looks to me like someone took some regular tshirt and really deeped down the neck… Instead, you can wear something like this.



2. Unbuttoned Shirts

This is one of the things you can sometimes make an exception in Summer, I have only seen 2 guys that were able to look good while wearing shirts this way. I feel that unbuttoned shirts give you some sort of sugar-daddy look, I just don’t like it and have seen it a lot during the last days…

unbottoned shirts are a no go

3. Men thongs

One thing is wearing short-shorts, short swimming garment and a VERY different one is wearing a men thong, you can always do it if you feel comfortable but please, do know that you have to have a really good body in order to make a men thong to look amazing.



Hello European fellows!

Here you can wear who wear sandals with chinos and jackets and look pretty nice and all fancy…

However wearing sandals with socks is a no go, they might be good sandals but please! please! Do not wear them with socks.


things not to wear in Summer



This is only a guide to show you some of the things you can avoid in Summer, I also know that you knew most of them, but it’s always to have a reminder on those little details we can easily forget because of the hot temperatures.