Maybe you’ve seen the #MyGayPride hashtag pop up on Twitter this past month. Read below the announcement from Two Bad Tourists about this exciting new online campaign to share your local gay pride events with the world…

After traveling and living abroad for more than 2 years, we’ve come to realize that our favorite aspect of travel involves outdoor festivals and events. Whether it’s casually sampling the local cuisine at an outdoor food festival, getting hit in the face during a tomato fight or marching in a local pride parade – we love the fun and sense of community created during festivals and events. In the past 3 years, we’ve attended more than 10 gay pride festivals across North America and Europe. We love the gathering of people coming together to celebrate their pride, enjoying the outdoors and being themselves amongst their peers and supporters.

My Gay Pride

Last summer we hosted a small campaign on our blog during June to celebrate gay pride month. We asked our readers to vote to send us to a pride festival of their choice, and as a result, we attended the gay pride march in Lisbon. Now this year, we’re going bigger and better with the launch of our new campaign #mygaypride. We want to bring people all over the globe together, across multiple social media platforms and encourage people to share personal experiences of their pride and what it means to them. We’ll be doing a tour across Europe this summer visiting pride festivals in Dresden, Sitges, Madrid, Stockholm and more. We’ve also enlisted #mygaypride Ambassadors to get the world out at various pride festivals around the world.

Social media is now such an integral part of people lives. It allows us to stay in touch with our family and friends and gives us the opportunity to join others in an online community of peers. #mygaypride allows people to express their pride in a global community, unifying people from different time zones, countries or even continents. More than just a celebration of pride festivals, we want people to share their pride the entire summer and help encourage those that may not have a local pride outlet in their community.


And as a way to kickoff the campaign, we are doing a giveaway of $500 in prizes to encourage people to participate and share the campaign with others. So join the #mygaypride conversation this summer! Post tips from your local pride parade, tell the community how you express your pride or even take a selfie with a group of friends at your local pride festival!

Show you love & share your pride this summer by posting your favorite pride experiences using the hashtag #mygaypride on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+!

My Gay Pride

To read more about #mygaypride you can read the official announcement on our blog TwoBadTourists and visit the new #mygaypride website.