Lou Louby Shimona Henry

Burlesque is its own unique form of art—one that often leaves a lasting impression. The stage presence of a burlesque performance is often unique and hard-to-mimic. Ask anyone who’s been to a burlesque show and they’ll often laugh and cry trying to retell about the performance, but it’s never as good as the original.

In a new book from indie publishers Book the Film, this uniqueness is perfectly captured in a striking series of photographs. The coffee table book, Burlesque, features page-after-page of the men and women famous for burlesque performances. From the sultry looks to the pouty lips, the photographs really jump off the page. You won’t want to miss your next local burlesque performance after seeing these photographs!

Domino Barbeau by John Fox
Domino Barbeau by John Fox
Immodesty Blaize by Magnus Hastings
Immodesty Blaize by Magnus Hastings
LouLou D'vil by Shimona Henry
LouLou D’vil by Shimona Henry
Roxi D'Lite by Roxi D'Lite Photography
Roxi D’Lite by Roxi D’Lite Photography
Vicky Butterfly by Maria S. Varela
Vicky Butterfly by Maria S. Varela
Tigger by Roxi D'Lite
Tigger by Roxi D’Lite

The BURLESQUE Coffee Table Book will be released in the US and CANADA at the end of March solely through this site, and will be available in bookstores in June throughout the European markets.

Gay Costa Rica - Win a Trip!

The internationally popular gay travel blog, Travels of Adam, has partnered with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and GayCostaRica.com to give away a 6-day, 5-night gay holiday to Costa Rica.

Gay Costa Rica - Win a Trip!

Costa Rica is one of Central America’s most LGBT-friendly destinations. The capital, San José, is home to a number of different gay bars and clubs—from the mega-discotheques to the small hipster cafés. Just a short 2-hour drive from the capital city is the gay beach destination of Manuel Antonio. Famous for its gay-friendly hotels, nightlife and gay beaches, the area is popular with LGBT tourists. In addition to being a gay travel hotspot, Manuel Antonio is home to Costa Rica’s most popular national park where monkeys, sloths, raccoons and other animals are easily spotted along the park’s expansive and beautiful beaches.

Gay-friendly businesses operate throughout the country, though San José and Manuel Antonio are Costa Rica’s most popular gay destinations. To find gay-friendly businesses, check out the IGLTA’s “Plan Your Trip” feature. Just search for Costa Rica and you’ll find a directory of LGBT-friendly businesses, from gay hotels to tour operators.

The “Win an LGBT Trip to Costa Rica” sweepstakes promotion is sponsored and supported by both IGLTA.org and GayCostaRica.com. To enter the travel contest, visit travelsofadam.com/contest

win an lgbt trip to gay costa rica
• • •
For more gay Costa Rica travel tips, visit the Travels of Adam – Costa Rica Travel Guide.

Adore Delano.Bianca Del Rio.Starbucks


Gay Advertisement seems to start taking the biggest brands/labels out there. From TV ads to print advertisement, we seem to be everywhere. For example this banned Pepsi advertisement I found on youtube!

Or this French McDonalds Ad Video






This post was made possible with help from the NHS Freedoms site.

I firmly believe that, like many aspects of human relationships, sex is improved by good communication. Talking honestly, openly and clearly about sex, even with a partner you’ve been with for many years, may be difficult at times, but ultimately it’s worth it.

For some perspective, if you are for example an out gay guy, consider this: you have essentially already told your mother that you like to suck dick, so how hard can it be to tell your partner you want to be tied up and spanked? Just for example, of course.

If you really do have problems expressing yourself verbally when it comes to sex, it might be worth doing some internal reflection to see if any part of that is due to internalised homophobia or a reluctance to accept who you are as a sexual person.

Assuming you don’t have trouble expressing yourself about sex in your native language, but you’re planning to travel to places where you don’t speak the local language and you think you might have sex with people who might not speak the same first language as you, your communication skills are going to be put to the test, so here are some basic tips on how to communicate for safe sex while travelling if you don’t speak the local language of wherever you are.

Try alternative vocabulary

If for whatever reason, you’ve forgotten your condoms on a date (buy some before you leave home so you know the quality can be trusted – the NHS Freedoms shop is a good resource in the UK) and you need to ask your partner for one, but the word ‘condom’ doesn’t register, try for example some variety of the word ‘preservative’ as in many languages, the word for condom resembles this word: preservativo in Spanish and Portuguese; préservatif in French; презерватив in Russian.


Repeatedly gain consent

To make sure that an initial yes wasn’t based on a misunderstanding, gaining consent for each step of your encounter with a new partner with whom you don’t share a first language is definitely advisable.

Obviously, yes to kissing doesn’t mean yes to anything else. Naturally, you should be able to rely just as much as you would with someone who speaks the same language as you on non-verbal cues your partner gives, but being explicit is better.

Avoid culturally based assumptions

In the place you come from it might be understood in the LGBT community (or whichever other one you associate with) that if you hook up with someone, it’s acceptable to out that person by association with them, be that in public, on social media or wherever.

If you’re travelling to a less socially progressive country than your own, this may not be the case, as people within the LGBT community may be much more reluctant to be out due social stigma attached to their orientation. This can be hard to witness with as a visitor, but ultimately respecting the wishes of others is more important than your own feelings.

Featured image by Rupert Ganzer and used under a creative commons licence.

Joshua Wilkie

Welcome back to the third installment of What’s The T? I sat down with Joshua Wilkie, a Scottish engineer and blogger behind Engineer On The Road, to get the lowdown on everything from travelling as a gay man in south-east Asia, not kissing drag queens, and answering the question about what Scottish men wear under their kilts.

1. Where did your first international trip take you to?

My first trip abroad was to the Faroe Islands (a Danish territory located between the Shetland Islands of Scotland and Iceland) when I was a baby, a bit random I know but my parents were missionaries so we went to a few random places when I was young. My first trip as an adult, without my family was a Christian missions’ trip volunteering in Swaziland (along with a visit to South Africa and Mozambique). Yeah, I was a respectable boy back then.


2. What top attractions would you recommend for first-time visitors to your native Scotland?

Most visitors head straight to Edinburgh and usually don’t see much else, and what they do see is incredibly stereotypical and not at all like the real Scotland that people here know and love. If you must see Edinburgh go to Holyrood Parliament, Arthur’s Seat and the National Gallery. I thoroughly recommend a day trip to Stirling which is a smaller and quieter city, but more scenic with a much nicer castle. For real, authentic, gritty Scotland however, you should head to Glasgow which is the cultural epicentre of the nation, with excellent nightlife, the largest independent music scene outside of the USA, acres and acres of parkland, great shopping, iconic architecture, good food (chicken tikka masala originated there), and easily accessible to the rest of Scotland such as Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, and the rugged coastline on the way to the Western Isles.


Joshua Wilkie 2


3. What do Scottish men have underneath their kilts?

Assuming the question refers to what we actually have on under out kilts, the honest answer is that it’s really up to the individual, the environment you are in and whether or not the kilt is hired (often the hire company insists you wear underwear).


4. You just shattered the illusions of men and women everywhere. Would you ever go on a gay cruise?

I’m not sure.


5. Concise. What’s the best gay club or bar that you’ve ever visited on your travels?

I’ll always have fond memories of Bee in Gothenburg, Sweden; it’s a “straight friendly” bar so has a mixed, welcoming crowd, REALLY good food and a nice atmosphere, especially on bitter, dark winter nights. It was also named the best gay bar in Sweden when I was there.


Is this a Russian unicorn that Joshua is riding? Click the link there. You’ll thank me.


6. Which country or city has surprised you the most when it comes to its gay scene?

Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Yangon surprised me as there were reasonably visible gay parties – Singapore I particularly enjoyed. Toronto surprised me in how friendly it was. It’s a really close-knit community with a lot of shared history, and for the first time in my life I felt completely comfortable being openly gay. I liked it there so much I returned this year to report on World Pride.


7. What tips do you have for visiting a country where being gay is actively frowned upon by locals?

You always need to be discerning of the situation no matter where you are, even in “safe” countries, so use your common sense. My Burmese friend said this: don’t kiss a drag queen in the street.


8. You wrote quite a controversial piece about homosexuality in Russia. Do you still stand by what you wrote?

I assume you mean this piece – it was controversial? I found Russia to be disappointing in general. As much as I had learned about the country in that time, the shock of being directly exposed to someone’s strong homo- and xenophobia was really jarring, and was one of a number of negative experiences that coloured my impression. I wrote the article because at the time of the incident I felt I didn’t have a voice, and it was a genuine expression of my feelings, so I stand by it.


Joshua in HK
Presiding over Hong Kong.


9. Tell us one thing about you that would surprise people.

I have grapheme-colour synaesthesia – basically it’s a neurological phenomenon where two separate senses get tied up together – for me I associate letters and numbers with specific colours, even with the Russian and Greek alphabets.


10. Men of which nationality make you swoon the most?

I don’t think you can generalise, but I go weak for Latin and Middle-Eastern men. And Canadian guys have nice beards.


11. What chat up line works the best on you?

Chat-up lines usually make me cringe – a smile and eye contact will get you a lot further.




12. If you could make a cocktail, what would be in it and what would you name it?

I’m not a big cocktail drinker, but if I made one it would involve ginger beer, golden rum and crushed pineapple, and call it a Bermuda Triangle or something of that ilk.


13. Take the name of your first pet and the first street you lived on. That’s your drag queen name. What is it?

Daisy Maxwelton: socialite, philanthropist and purveyor of fine scandal.


14. If you could move to any city in the world, where would you move to and why?

Right now I’m trying to move to Calgary in Canada; there are plenty of job opportunities in environmental science and engineering, there is amazing scenery nearby, and I’ve always found Canadians to be some of the friendliest people I’ve met. Plus they have gay rodeo! I also wouldn’t turn down Rio de Janeiro.


15. Finally, tell us about your upcoming travel plans!

My travel plans are a little up in the air but right now I’m working the Australian bush, and in a few weeks will be flying back to Europe with a long transit to see Dubai. I have one day back in Scotland then I think I’ll be heading to Athens to attend the TBEX travel conference there. Other than that nothing is planned, although I want to return to Iceland and Germany this winter, and hopefully emigrate. Next summer I’ll spend some time in the Canadian Rockies, no matter where I end up working.


Thanks for that, Joshua! If you’d like to stay up-to-date with Joshua and his travels around the globe, you can check out his blog, and make sure you’re following @GI_Joshi on Twitter, and @engineerontheroad on Instagram.

5 things to do in Lisbon

Thing to do in Lisbon


Planning a Lisbon Travelling Tour? Here Are 5 Things You Must Do While There

Lisbon is an abundance of indescribable beauty, wonderful people and enduring sunshine. This gorgeous Portuguese capital is a cornucopia of things to do and see. Take a tour. Travel in Lisbon, and you will certainly dream of permanently relocating there. Although the city of Lisbon is small compared to other Western European capitals, it is the largest city and the only capital of Portugal. If you want to grasp the distinctive atmosphere of Lisbon, do these five things!

Treat Yourself

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, the city that is Lisbon has an assortment of pastries that will take you days to sample them all. That explains why the Portuguese have an undeniable sweet tooth. Their scope of sweets is even stretched further during fall and prior to Christmas season. In essence, you will never regret their manifold of pastries. You can equally treat yourself to the fancy, delicious soups in between sightseeing. These are some of the perks of Lisbon travelling.

Go to the Beach

The fact that the Atlantic Ocean is so close to Lisbon, the enthralling city oozes an irresistible amount of charm. You are certain of being woken up by the sound of seagulls every morning when you live in the city centre. In fact, you are bound to be constantly aware of the ocean when in Lisbon as Portugal’s history is deeply connected to the water – even street lamps décor is a testament to this fact as they all bare little ships. Travel in Lisbon and experience the beach.

Go Out. Enjoy the Nightlife!

You are bound to have the time of your life going out in Lisbon. Thanks to the wild party scenes in Lisbon that can go all through the night till sunrise. Fancy clubs are in plenty; you can dance and have a crazy party night of a lifetime with Ponte de 25 Abril in your view. When in Lisbon, sample parties that happen in the 18th-century neighborhood that is Bairro Alto. This is where you can find crazy ‘Lisbon for gays’ party nights. People buy drinks and stand outside all night.

Take a Break

Take things slow. The Portuguese like it slow. So, when in Lisbon do as the Portuguese do. Take your time and seize every little good thing of the indescribable beauty of Lisbon city. Take a break and enjoy the friendly and welcoming aura of the people. If you travel in Lisbon and get overwhelmed by the enduring sunshine, take a break. Find yourself a little pastelaria on a stunning street. Watch the people. Order a coffee. Sit in the sun. Enjoy life.

Get Lost In a Neighborhood

There is no better way to discover Lisbon than to get lost in its sterling neighborhoods. When in a Lisbon travelling tour, get lost in the lovely Principe Real and the medieval Lapa, Bica and Alfama neighborhoods. Just wander aimlessly and enjoy people as they pass you by, the old men peeling oranges, and women drying their laundry in front of their kitchen windows. There is no better way to experience and see Lisbon!

barihunks calendar

Opera is one of the most loved and enduring forms of art. It can make you feel the world is a better place. However, there are other reasons that can make start loving Opera. For example Opera singers!

If you haven’t ever realised about how beatiful some of them are, there is a website that can easily show you who calls the shots when it comes to opera singers. They are located all around the globe, they can even be at your local city. The name of this website is BARIHUNKS,


Some of us would think the only purpose of this site is to sexualize Opera singers. However, this guys have in mind much more than that…


1. To promote baritones and basses, especially emerging talent.
2. To financially assist singers and promote opera through the sale of our calendar and tee shirts.
3. To make opera competitive with television and movies, by making it appealing to new audiences.
4. To promote good health and self-esteem. A great voice coupled with a healthy life-style prolongs careers.
5. Keep opera positive! No bitchiness allowed! This industry is tough enough.

You can even support this artists by buying their calendar HERE.



Jaime in Brussels

On this edition of What’s The T?, I settle down and have a virtual natter with Jaime of Breakaway Backpacker. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Jaime’s travels have taken him to countries as far-flung as Egypt, India and Nicaragua, and he’s shared his tales of volcano boarding, inappropriate antics on buses, and getting naked in hostels over on his blog. Known for his toe-touch photos around the world, Jaime is a colourful character for sure. Jaime and me talk everything from first trips and gay destinations to using protection and twerking to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’.

1. How old were you when you took your first international trip?

I was just a baby, honestly jaja. My parents are from Mexico so I would spend my summers & most holidays in Mexico. I know most people may not count that, but I think that is what influenced me to want to travel. I was always curious as a kid how crossing a border, an imaginary line could make two places so different. I would always wonder why as soon as I crossed into Mexico things didn’t look like they did in the USA. That’s something that still blows my mind today when I cross any two borders. Anyway as an adult not including Mexico my first international trip was actually my two year trip around the world. My first stop was Costa Rica and that was the first time I had ever traveled alone, backpacked or stayed in a hostel.

2. Have you ever travelled to any ‘gay’ destinations before?

I don’t like calling any destination a “gay” destination because any destination could honestly be gay depending on what you are looking for. For me Cairo is a “gay” destination, but know it’s not for others. Anyway I know what you mean and yes I have I think the most “gay” was Amsterdam and was actually during pride. Oh that was fun!
Cairo Street Art
Street art in Cairo. Photo by Jaime Davila.

3. What’s the best pride celebration you’ve ever been to?

Oops should have read this before replying to your previous question! One of the best I have ever been to is Amsterdam’s Pride. It’s just so huge and on floats. I mean it’s a parade on water… so awesome. Plus I’ll never forget the moment a boat came that had a huge banner on it saying “Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage”. When I saw that I got tears in my eyes because I was so happy for them but at the same time felt crushed because here they are celebrating 10 years… A decade of marriage, and back at home the majority of the US we are still fighting for that right.

4. Everyone has a travel romance story to share, but I’m bored of those. Have you ever met a guy where things went disastrously wrong?

Do small penises count as disastrously wrong? Seriously… I’m no size queen, but damn it’s just such a huge turn off when you meet a beautiful man… finally get in his pants and well yeah it’s like WTF… that’s it?

5. Sounds like you’re a size queen to me. Moving swiftly on, are there any destinations that, as a gay man, you’d simply refuse to travel to?

Not really… gay men exist in every country on Earth and unfortunately some are governed by ridiculous governments. We shouldn’t allow a repressive government stop us from visiting any destination. As a traveler you have to be able to separate the locals from the government and try to do your best to understand the situation in each country.

6. Everyone is always talking about ‘hidden gems’ and getting ‘off the beaten path’ when they travel, but what touristy spots have you absolutely loved?

I absolutely love Barcelona and couldn’t care less what anyone thinks. Everything about Barcelona is touristy, but for good reason. Barcelona is an absolutely amazing city filled with so much to see and do.

7. And, erm…what’s your ‘hidden gem’ recommendation?

Playa del Carmen. I know it may not sound like a hidden gem, but I don’t think many people realize how amazing it is. Staying in Playa del Carmen, even if it’s on the touristy 5th Ave, is a million times better than staying in Cancun or in a hotel resort. When you are in Playa del Carmen you are literally a short distance from so many amazing things you can do all on your own by taking the local transportation, “collectivos”. It is also a beach town that you can easily do on a budget. Just walk two to four streets away from 5th Ave and you can eat with the locals and get some great food at cheap prices. This is a city I want to live in one day and think I will.
Jaime Davila at Tulum
Jaime at Tulum, near Playa del Carmen.

8. You only have room in your bag to pack one: condoms or lube?

NO GLOVE… NO LOVE. Of course the condoms because you can always use spit as lube! But no seriously you should always use protection so I’d prefer a bag full condoms than lube.

9. You’re known for being completely open on your blog, but have alluded to the fact that you don’t share everything there as family members read your site. Can you share anything here that you haven’t been able to write about on your blog?

Oh man… why did you have to ask that? I do have a few stories I haven’t shared on my blog, because they are like real crazy. Yes more so than my “Hand Job” story. I don’t think I can… I just can’t even!

10. Would you ever consider dating a guy who has no desire to travel?

I kinda already did and am okay with it. As long as he trusts me enough to allow me to travel on my own when I want then I’ll be just fine. I trust myself on the road alone when I am in a relationship. I don’t trust myself on the road when I’m single. Obviously though I would love for him to want to travel somewhat because I would love to share those experiences with the man I love.

11. Tell us your favourite pick-up line.

I don’t think I have one. I always start with “How are you doing?” I know very lame, but yeah just start with that and then go straight for the info I need to know if this will work out or not…lol!!!

12. Has that pick-up line ever worked?

Yes my lame pick-up line has worked. On more than like a lot of occasions…lol!!!

13. You’re also known for your round-the-world toe touches. What’s your favourite toe-touch photo?

I have 2 favorite photos: one in front of the Step Pyramid in Egypt and one in front of Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) in Turkey. They are my favorite because a friend I met on the road actually took both of them and he’s an awesome photographer. Of all of them they look the best!
Toe touch at Istanbul's Blue Mosque.
Toe touch at Istanbul’s Blue Mosque.

14. Have you ever considered a gimmick other than the toe touches? Like short videos of dancing to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ around the globe?

Bajajaja I freaking hate that song & nope I haven’t thought of any other gimmicks. That one happened by accident & works great so will just keep that one.

15. You’re on your second round-the-world trip at the moment. Tell us what you’ve got in store in the upcoming months for us, and how we can follow along!

Well ummm my second round-the-world trip is currently on pause since I have returned home to work for 3 months. This post will explain it all “Yes I am home and no nothing bad happened. So yeah right now I will be in Houston for the next 3 months but don’t worry come January 1, 2015 I will be on my way to South America and continue it.
Thanks for that, Jaime! If you’re keen on following Jaime’s round-the-world adventures, make sure you stay up-to-date with him on his blog, Breakaway Backpacker, follow @babackpacker on Twitter, and @breakawaybackpacker on Instagram. Make sure you stay tuned for the next edition of What’s The T?, when another travel blogger will give you their top tips and dish the dirt.
In the first of this new series over here at My Gay Travel Guide, I sit down and talk about what’s the T – with T meaning travel, in this case – with LGBT travellers. First up? It’s the uber stylish DJ Yabis from Dream Euro Trip. Hailing from the Philippines, DJ has become known for his fun, fresh outlook, personable nature, and effortless cool. I reeled in DJ for a natter, and he shares his thoughts on everything from hidden gems and what to see in his home country, to packing and licking a guy’s ear. Whatever floats your boat, I guess!

1. How old were you when you took your first international trip?

I was 22 when I took my first trip abroad. I went to Bangkok with my friends.

2. Have you ever travelled to any ‘gay’ destinations before?

Yes. I’ve travelled to Mykonos only because my Greek friends have a summer house there and we went together with their group of friends. It’s a pretty gay destination though and I loved every minute of it.

3. What’s the best pride celebration you’ve ever been to?

It’s a difficult question to answer. Most of the pride parades I’ve been to are special in their own way.
I love Stockholm Pride because Swedish men are the prettiest and the parade itself is massive with great after parties. Cologne Pride is the biggest in Germany and I’ve always loved my Germans. Antwerp Pride was super fun and gay as it happened at the same time as the World Out Games. Dresden Pride was smaller and feels very local.

4. Everyone has a travel romance story to share, but I’m bored of those. Have you ever met a guy while travelling and things have gone disastrously wrong?

Of course. First thing I can think of was this beautiful guy I met in Barcelona. I was in a normal club (by that I mean not a gay club) and I was alone. I was sitting and busy on my phone when he sat beside me. I noticed he was alone and he was looking at me every now and then.
He was really beautiful and I was a bit bored so I said hello. He was nice and we started talking, you know just the normal where are you from what are you doing here alone kind of questions.
At this point I was not sure if he’s gay or not. I was just talking to him because he was drop-dead gorgeous and was interesting.
I learned that he’s not Spanish and that he lives in another city. He just came to visit Barcelona and he was staying with his friends. He claimed that his friends were also in the club with him. He looked Persian or Turkish and he has a glowing tan.
And then the conversation made a different turn:
Gorgeous guy: C’mon you can ask me anything. Don’t be shy.
Me: Huh? What do you mean?
GG: You can ask me anything you want.
Me: (sensing he is edging me on, I came closer to his ear and smelled him and whispered) You smell so good. You wanna have fun? (I’m brave like this haha)
GG: Tell me more.
Me: I want to undress you.
GG: (looks at me and smiles) Go on.
Me: (licking his ears lightly and curious where this was leading) you know…
GG: Tell me.
Me: You wanna go to my room and have fun now? My hotel is a few blocks from here.
GG: (suddenly changes mood) I have some friends here. I can’t leave right now.
Me: C’mon you can meet them later
GG: I can’t. Just give me your number we can meet tomorrow.
Me: I’m flying out tomorrow (this is a lie). Let’s go now.
GG: No give me your number let’s meet tomorrow.
Me: (I give him my number) Don’t be boring. Come. It will be fun.
GG: I’m not gay.
Me: It doesn’t matter. I know you want to have some fun.
GG: I can’t leave my friends. Let’s meet tomorrow. I can meet you here at 12 noon.
Me: No let’s go now.
GG: Let’s meet tomorrow.
Me: Alright. Let’s go get a drink.
I did not take him home and I did not meet him the next day as I asked him to delete my number after. I still don’t know what he was up to. I was a bit scared because he might be a thief or something and has other ulterior motives. But I pushed it and wanted to see where it was going.

5. Smart yet a little skanky. Anyway, are there any destinations that, as a gay man, you’d simply refuse to travel to?

Yep. Right now I have no interest in traveling to Russia. The visa is already difficult enough to organize. I don’t need to be subjected to  homophobic and racist situations when I get there.

6. Everyone is always talking about ‘hidden gems’ and getting ‘off the beaten path’ when they travel, but what touristy spot have you absolutely loved?

I absolutely loved all the touristy spots in Florence. The city just blew me away with its beauty!

7. And, erm…what’s your ‘hidden gem’ recommendation?

Hidden gem is very relative. What might be considered hidden by some might not be by others. I would say Ponza island in Italy is a hidden gem but it’s popular among Romans and people in the area.

8. Since you hail from the Philippines, if I only had a week in your country, where would you tell me to visit?

Depends what you like. But if you want a true tropical experience I would say Camiguin island. It has everything: white beaches, hot springs, cold springs, great diving spots, volcanoes, waterfalls, great food, friendly locals, and it’s very low-key.

9. What essentials (apart from tech stuff and gadgets) do you always pack in your carry on?

A good book or a magazine. I like reading when I’m in transit.

10. You’re known for always being stylish on the road. What’s your top tip for packing light but still being chic?

Pack clothes that you can mix and match easily. And of course, pack only your best and favorite clothes <3

11. You only have room in your bag for one: tailored shorts or a straw hat?

Tailored shorts. You can also buy a hat! ;D

12. That’s cheating! Hmph. Anyhow, I’ll forgive you. Let’s move on to everyone’s favourite topic – alcohol! What cocktail do you want to order?

I like my vodka cranberry.

13. That’s not really a cocktail, but whatever. Now we’re tipsy and I’ve seen a cute guy. What pick-up line should I use on him?

I’m bad with pick up lines!

14. You’re a terrible wingman. It’s the next morning and we’re hungover. What’s your remedy for this?

Good kissing and a cup of coffee.

15. I hope you brush your teeth first. Moving swiftly on, tell us more about your upcoming travels this year, and what destinations we can follow you to!

I’m heading to Italy and maybe Paris to visit some friends, then I’m off to the Philippines to celebrate my birthday on the beach. I’ll stay until January and celebrate Christmas with family and NYE with friends on the beach on Boracay island.


I wish I could join DJ with his celebrations! If you want to know more about DJ, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram where he’s @dreameurotrip, and like his page on Facebook. Of course, you can read all about his adventures on his blog Dream Euro Trip too, where DJ waxes lyrical about everything from style to city breaks, Berlin to Beyoncé, and getting that ever elusive Schengen visa.

Berlin Friday Plan

Let’s pretend you are a visitor or a local, Friday is around the corner and you don’t know what to do! Berlin offers you many options to enjoy yourself in the not-so-German-city. Here’s the list you of things you can do on Friday in Berlin. From going for a walk in Tempelhof, until waking in Saturday not knowing where you are, but realising you just had your best night ever. That’s what you come to Berlin for, to live it’s wildness and let yourself to be taken by it.

There are some tips I can give to those trying to figure out what to do in Berlin on a friday night. This city can be wild, so be prepared to see very drunk people walking down the streets, strangers being more than friendly with you and of course cute guys being more friendly than usual… Now that the Autumn has started in Berlin, I would recommend you to wear something quite warm because you will chance from Bar to Bar, and believe me, you don’t want to get frozen in Berlin.


We all know how important it is to eat something before drinking Alcohol, that’s why I have selected the coolest place where you can get some fast food. This will your help your stomach and mind  to resist the process of living your first night in Berlin.


Fräulein Burger

Things you can eat in Berlin

Let the P.A.R.T.Y begin

  •  How about starting with a drink? – Something you have to learn in Berlin is to use the distances between places the right way, that means you can walk from Fräulein Burger,to the Liberate Bar. The  Liberate is a bar located 3 minutes away from Hackesher Mark, the cocktails are prepared with meticulosity to give their guests a 1A experience.
  • There is not way you are visiting Berlin and you don’t go to Kreuzberg. Known for it’s diversity of people, this place is a must during your visit. If you happen to go there, you can go to the Roses Bar, a place with a rich  history and considered to be one of the first gay friendly places founded around the area.


Now that you’ve seen a bit of Berlin on a friday night, it’s time for you to keep moving. FYI, in Berlin the party begins between 1 or 2 am… Let me begin with some of the most famous places to party here in Berlin.


This is the party to go to! For Berliners, tourists, trend setters/fashionistos, heterosexuals and of course gay. I’ve been there only one time. Will recommend it  to my friends once they come to Berlin and be like ‘ What to do in Berlin today?’


As you may know, I like Berghain. It’s darkness it’s something that makes me feel comfortable, the way you can feel so alone but being surrounded by many people, the music itself that makes your body move on a Friday night in Berlin. I took the time to write a guide about the THINGS TO DO IN BERGHAIN and  HOW TO GET INTO BERGHAIN, feel free to check it out and let me know if it helped you to have a nice evening in the city that never sleeps!

Enjoy your time in Berlin !