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I recently learned about this Kickstarter campaign to fund a film about the public hanging of a young gay man and his partner in Tehran, Iran in 2005. Watch the trailer above and learn more about what the film crew hopes to accomplish.

Film website:

What is “Sin” about?

Inspired by a true story, ‘Sin’ is an American Feature Film which will bring to life an emotional tale of a teenager who was killed by public hanging along with his partner in Iran because he was gay.

Videos and pictures of this sad incident were released online in July 2005, but the world forgot about it soon after.

Through this movie we will get to know this teenager’s life, whose only crime was that he wanted to be accepted by his society, with his true identity.

By this tragic story we will be addressing an important question; Why some people who are in love don’t have the same rights, as others? Is it just because they are different from what the world expects them to be?

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