Map of European penis sizes

The designers (map-makers?) famous for creating maps based on stereotypes did it again with this map of European penis sizes! Based on data I can only assume was heavily researched, the map certainly is an attention-grabber. It’s also got the potential to draw in tourism to some countries that probably could use a little PR!

You can buy the print over here as a poster.

Brighton Gay Pride announces 2012 theme

I was recently on a sponsored trip to Brighton, England where I had the chance to meet the director of the Pride Brighton & Hove annual festival.

Brighton has an extensive LGBT history and their annual Pride is one of the biggest three in Great Britain. Last year’s Pride Brighton was the first year it wasn’t free and this year, under new management yet again, the Pride will again be a pay-for event. But from my brief discussion with the director it seems Pride Brighton will be managed in a way that better supports the local community.

Pride Brighton 2012 is on Saturday, 1st September. Later than usual because of the Olympics.


The theme for this year’s Pride is “United Colours of Pride.” Though the 2012 Brighton Pride doesn’t yet have a website, more details as they’re released (including ticket information) will be announced on twitter¬†and facebook.