It’s time – video for ending marriage discrimination in Australia

I’ve watched a lot of videos lately in support of marriage equality. But none is as beautiful as this one.

Sign the petition to end marriage discrimination in Australia here: or view the video & donate at this link.

The Australian campaign’s goal is to change Australia’s Marriage Act which currently defines marriage as between a man and a woman. It’s time to change this in Australia. It’s time to change this in America. I’m tired of waiting.

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Airport newsstands that sell porn

Over the holidays I tend to find myself in a lot of airports. With my family scattered across the United States, I frequently had layovers and long trips to make it home for the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday breaks. This year I flew home to Texas all the way from Berlin (and then again from Texas to Ohio to see some more family). As per usual, I had some time to kill in the airports which naturally led to your typical airport newsstands full of cheap paperbacks and glossy magazines.

porn magazines in the airport

Airports sell porn

I always noticed airport newsstands that sell porn but never thought too much about it. Then I became curious. Before flying out of Berlin last week I decided to take a quick walk-by of the pornography section. And, lo and behold, I actually found gay porn in an airport newsstand! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen this before (granted, I wasn’t always looking). A million times flying in America and I’d always notice the Playboys and Hustlers shrink-wrapped on the top-shelf, but I’d never see gay porn. Again, magazines are dying and all and I wasn’t always looking, but I was honestly a bit surprised to see some gay porn in a Berlin airport. Continue reading Airport newsstands that sell porn

Gay news today: New Hampshire, Thanksgiving, Churches & Cameroon

Lots of things happening in the news. Since it’s Thanksgiving today, I’ll just share some snippets:

Republicans plan to fight in New Hampshire just before the primary

Looks like Republicans are already gearing up to stop the latest bit of progress. As if the 2012 presidential campaign isn’t enough, Republicans are planning to introduce legislation repealing New Hampshire’s law which allows gay marriage. Ugh

The Advocate and it’s Thanksgiving magazine covers

The Advocate magazine shares some of its Thanksgiving-themed magazine covers from the years. They’re not very pretty.

England and Wales’ law allowing gay marriages in church

Earlier this month, the UK (specifically England and Wales) made it possible for gays to be wed in churches (by civil ceremony). Looks like there are some people who are about to put up a fight against that as well.

More homophobia in Africa — Cameroon jails men over gay sex

I’ve already shared my thoughts about Uganda, and now Cameroon is making news about its laws which make homosexuality illegal. Three men were sentenced to five years in prison for “homosexual acts.”

Home for the first time after coming out…part 1

In case you don’t know, I’m home in Dallas, Texas for the first time in 18 months after travelling around the world. It’s also the first time I’m home since coming out. I won’t lie that I was more than a bit nervous. Nervous about a lot of silly little things. Who had I told? Who hadn’t I told? Would I need to come out all over again?

I’m finally comfortable with who I am and not only that, but I’ve been living a regular (ie, non-travel) life in Berlin for the past five months. While finally living in a single place as an out gay male, a lot of things have gone through my mind. I couldn’t help but feel that I’d missed out on so much in life since I didn’t come out until my mid-20s. I realize that some people never feel this comfortable this early, but it seems to me that increasingly people come out sooner and sooner. Or maybe I’m just jealous.

Anyways, being home for the first time after coming out hasn’t been weird at all. The day before I left, I was more than nervous. I wished I had someone to come home with…a boyfriend to bring to dinner. Someone I could share my experience with while finally being me with the family. That part of the process of coming out has yet to happen…bringing home a boy.

Here’s a little snippet of a conversation I had with an old friend from high school:

friend: so why did you wait until recently to come out
me: i dunno. i guess i was only able to admit it to myself recently. finally felt comfortable with the idea
friend: cool. i bet <so and so> was crushed. didn’t you have a marriage pact with her?

So far home doesn’t feel any different. Besides getting a magazine in the mail from the Human Rights Campaign, there’s no mention of me being gay. No one’s asked me yet if I have a boyfriend…but that doesn’t seem strange to me because my family hardly ever used to ask when I’d come home if I had “met any girls.” But maybe that’s because they always knew I was looking at guys.

Meh. I’m glad to be home. I’m glad to be gay. I also read this nice little Q&A on UnicornBooty about coming home for the first holiday after coming out. Thought it was interesting.

Global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality around the world

I recently learned about the Human Dignity Trust – a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality around the world by upholding international law. The organization is starting their international campaign by bringing the issue to court in Belize.

human dignity trust - global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality around the world

From travelling around the world I’ve seen how different homosexuality is treated in each and every country. Whether it’s marriage inequality in America or a surprising amount of gay and trans-sexual bars in Bangkok, the world is an incredibly diverse place politically. But there are certain things that are universal—human rights and equality.

I don’t know much about the Human Dignity Trust (do you? let me know in the comments…) but I like their objective:

The Human Dignity Trust works for the decriminalisation of consensual, private same-sex sexual conduct between adults through the application of settled, existing human rights law. The criminalisation of identity is a violation of the rights to privacy, dignity and equality protected in international human rights and constitutional law. The Trust seeks to have these laws upheld and respected.

I’ll be following this global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality closely. Just by making myself more aware of gay travel news by reading and following more sites focused for gay travellers, I’ve already learned a lot about the world.