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PlanetRomeo Beta Update

PlanetRomeo has been connecting guys all over the world for almost 13 years, but now the original gay dating site is undergoing its biggest transformation to date. Gone are the endless blue pages, now replaced with a far more modern design aimed at making gay dating easier than ever before.

PlanetRomeo Beta Update

For the first time, PlanetRomeo’s beta site is open to everyone. Optimized for mobile use and designed to give users a smooth and simple dating experience, the new look on PlanetRomeo allows you to easily browse unlimited guys all over the world. While well-loved features such as footprints and advanced search filters are here to stay, new tools such as a travel feature and activity stream are now available to users too.

The PlanetRomeo Beta is always improving, but for guys looking to find dates, friends or love at home or abroad, there aren’t many better websites out there. Whether you’re spending the summer traveling or staying at home, try the updated PlanetRomeo to chat, meet and date guys from all over the world.

Try the PlanetRomeo Beta at planetromeo.com

PlanetRomeo Beta Update
A new gay travel feature is a part of the PlanetRomeo Beta
PlanetRomeo Beta Update
The new chat screen on PlanetRomeo
Boston Pride

June is pride month in Boston. Packed with city-wide events from block parties and parades to comedy shows and roller skating, the city will be celebrating the LGBTQ community of all ages in Boston, New England and beyond.

Massachusetts has been the leader in gaining LGBT equal rights, becoming the first state in the nation to grant same-sex marriages, and most recently Boston Mayor Marty Walsh raised the transgender flag at Boston City Hall to encourage the passing of a bill to protect transgender rights, which was passed into law this month.

Among the pride events, the Boston Red Sox will be hosting a Pride Night on Friday, June 3. Proceeds of tickets will benefit the Boston Pride organization.

Fans will receive a Red Sox pride flag, and have the opportunity to purchase an upgraded VIP ticket to meet Billy Bean, MLB’s Vice-President of Social Responsibility and Inclusion. The VIP ticket will also include a food and beverage buffet in the Champion’s Club and a copy of Billy Bean’s book “Going the Other Way: An Intimate Memoir of Life In and Out of Major League Baseball.” Billy Bean provides awareness of baseball’s social responsibility initiatives, with a strong focus on LGBT inclusion, and serves on the advisory board for the Sports Equality Foundation, aimed to provide support to LGBT athletes, coaches and team leaders in every sport.

Plus, the Red Sox are providing new healthy and gluten-free food options throughout the park, as well as new activities for fans of all ages like their new behind-the-scenes Virtual Reality Dugout.

Boston Red Sox’s Pride Night tickets can be purchased here, and a full list of all Boston pride events can be found at www.bostonpride.org.

Boston Pride Fenway Boston Billy Bean Red Sox

5 Gay Things to Know About Venice 

Venice is the perfect destination for an Italian romance. It’s filled with grand architecture and canals with men taking couples on gondola rides through the city. It’s easy to get lost in the narrow streets when around every corner, there’s yet another photo begging to be taken. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’ll wander along another alleyway that will capture your heart and have you snapping away yet again.

Venice might not be the most vibrant city for gay nightlife, but it’s a place that oozes both romance and pure beauty. It’s also a very gay friendly destination where travellers will feel at home and have a lot of fun. We recommend visiting in either the spring or fall, when it’s less crowded and you’ll be able to leisurely experience all of the gay activities that Venice has to offer.

5 Gay Things to Know About Venice

5 Gay Things to Know About Venice

1) It’s pretty much a no brainer, we all know that Venice is beautiful and romantic. It’s a choice holiday destination for gay couples wanting to experience some quality 1-1 time with each other. Imagine taking a gondola ride through the canals, looking into your lover’s eyes, and admiring how sweet life is when you’re in Venice. Or sitting outside of a cafe near San Marco Square, sipping wine, and watching the world pass you by. Or ending your night at a restaurant eating a swoon-worthy and authentic Venetian meal.

2) The Venice Carnival is a one of kind of experience for anyone and everyone, but is especially welcoming to the gay community. Venice actually used to be the gayest city on earth, with locals focused solely on the pursuit of indulgence and pleasure, most notably during Carnival. So for just over a week, you can pretend to be a hedonistic Venetian, and don one of their world famous masks and elaborate costumes. We advise booking your accommodation and flights well in advance, as this popular event attracts thousands every year.

3) Another reason to come to Venice is for La Biennale di Venezia, an event that brings artists from around and offers plenty of art exhibitions and other activities to take in like cinema, dance, music, and theater. This is a great way brush up on your culture, and even better, possibly meet a hot new guy.

4) During the summer months, starting on the last Friday of May, is a new party “Summer Lovin’ L’Aperitivo.” The party is open to anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, and helps bring the small local gay community together for appetizers, drinks, and fun. Here, you’ll be able to have a drink, take in those canal views, and be surrounded with like minded people. The party starts at 7:00 p.m. and takes place every two weeks during summer.

5) If you have time, consider taking a day trip to Lido, a nearby island. The island has been a retreat for poets and famous writers for centuries and also provides a much needed break from the crowds of Venice with its serene beaches, open space, fresh air, and relaxing scenery. Best of all, the small island boasts a 12 kilometer long beach that is gay-friendly. Another island worth visiting is Burano, for it’s colorful charm and a chance to glimpse into the more simple life of fishermen in Venice.

5 Gay Things to Know About Rome 

Rome is a city that has stood seemingly still in time. The capital of Italy is a major destination for anyone who appreciates good food, ancient history, and getting lost in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Unfortunately, when it comes to gay acceptance, Italy’s slightly behind by European standards. They have yet to legalize same-sex marriage and it’s sadly still common for men to hide their sexual orientation due to how others may treat them. Nonetheless, this is slowly changing as Rome played host to Euro Pride back in 2011. Since then, there’s been progress with people being more accepting of the growing and open gay population in Italy.

5 Gay Things to Know About Rome

5 Gay Things to Know About Rome
Image via cherylhoward.com

1) Fetish Pride Italy was recently held in Rome, an annual gay fetish meeting organized by Leather Club Roma. The five day meeting included several parties, an exhibition, brunch, and even a fetish film festival, ensuring that there’s something for everyone who enjoys fetish lifestyle.

2) Gay Village is an annual open-air summer festival for gays, lesbians, and those who support them. This is actually one of the most popular gay events in Italy, attracting more than 200,000 people every year. From June through September, the park Via delle Tre Fontane is transformed into a fun entertainment complex with bars, dance floors, an exhibition space, and even, an outdoor cinema. Famous DJs play here and there’s live music every Thursday through Saturday.

3) Something unique to Italy is that a membership card (the Anddos card) is required for entry into all gay cruise bars and saunas. In Rome, this card is also required to get into some of the gay parties. You can usually buy this card at venue entrances for 15 € and it will last one year. You can also pay 8 € entrance into a single place. When you buy the card you’ll need photo id and after that, only the membership card.

4) There isn’t really any specific gay areas in Rome, but popular hotspots include Coming Out and My Bar. There’s also a cluster of gay bars close to the Colosseum and main metro station. To find a complete list of gay bars, clubs, and saunas, check Travel Gay Europe.

5) Pride Roma take place each year around the first week of June, with festivities happening in the city center and concluding with a massive parade promoting gay rights and overall equality. The goal of their Pride event in recent years has been geared at encouraging the Italian government to recognize same-sex marriage. There of course are big parties associated with event that locals and visitors equally enjoy.

5 Gay Things To Know About Prague

Prague is, by far, one of the most stunning cities in Europe. In fact, their picture perfect city center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. With a population of 2 million people, Prague’s been known to be gay-friendly since 1962. They even legalized registration for same-sex marriage in 2006. As such, Prague is a perfect European destination for gays, whether they come to enjoy the beautiful sites or take part in the many gay related events that the Czech Republic’s capital city has to offer.

5 Gay Things To Know About Prague

5 Gay Things To Know About Prague
Photo via cherylhoward.com

1) There’s no one central neighborhood where gay guys come together in Prague, but much of the gay scene is concentrated around the trendy Vinohrady district, close to Old Town. This is a great place to find a hotel, as it’s safe and there’s plenty to do in the area. To find out which gay bars, discoteques, saunas, and cruise clubs are the best in the city, visit Travel Gay Europe for more information.

2) During the second week of August, Prague Pride takes place and attracts thousands of visitors. In 2015, more than 35,000 people came to take part in the celebration. There are non-stop parties held throughout the week and aa with most Prides, it concludes a with large parade. Of course, the party is just starting when the parade wraps up. We recommend going to Letna Park to dance and get your drink on with fellow gays and others who support the cause.

3) As much fun as we all like to have when visiting a new place, it’s important to know that prostitution is legal in Prague, with the age of consent being 18 years old. There are some places where you can easily find a guy for hire, but there might be times when guys who appear interested in you may actually be prostitutes! This cash grab scam is unfortunately common in Eastern Europe and is something that many tourists fall far. While Prague may not be Bangkok,  if you find yourself at a strip bar or sex club, it’s safe to assume that many of the guys there are for hire and are not interested in much more than your wallet.

4) By far, the easiest way to get around Prague is with public transportation or by foot, if you’re willing to add some extra miles to your favorite pair of sneakers. There’s so much to see around each and every corner! When you can’t walk anymore, there are plenty of trams, buses, and a metro line (you can switch between all of them on one ticket). Do be careful when hailing cabs, as they will sometimes overcharge tourists. It’s best to use Uber or a taxi application to call a car. This will get you quickly on your way to next club or hook up!

5) Lastly, for those scared of language barriers with Czech guys, you don’t actually need to know Czech in order to have a conversation with a local.As Prague is such a popular destination, most locals speak English. Though it sure does help if you can manage something like thank you, good morning, how are you, etc. Imagine how delighted someone would be (perhaps a Grindr hookup!) if you’re able to say basic things. A pro tip – Lonely Planet guides usually contain a list of common expressions, complete with instructions about how to pronounce them.

5 Gay Things To Know About Paris 

Everyone knows Paris, as it’s one of the capitals for fashion, art, and all around culture. The entire city itself is like visiting a museum! Whether you’re walking through the beautiful cobblestoned streets lined with lots of cafe’s and restaurants, heading to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or wandering along the Seine, the city is like a dream come true.

The gay population in Paris is actually the largest in France, with the Marais neighborhood being where the gay community comes together to have a drink, dance, and get to know one another.

5 Gay Things to Know About Paris

5 Gay Things to Know About Paris

1) There was much debate over legalizing same-sex marriage in France back in 2013. Despite rallies held by right-wing and conservative groups who protested this, France became the 14th country to accept same-sex marriage. By allowing same-sex marriage, France has created equality and acceptance for everyone, ensuring that visitors can see them as a welcoming country. The city of Paris itself,  is by far at the forefront of gay acceptance.

2) When looking for the epicenter of gay life in Paris, look no further than Le Marais. This central neighborhood is located just along the river and is filled with cozy streets lined with cafes, bars, and clubs, all of which are within walking distance from one another. You can easily have a fun night any night of the week in Le Marais, either going to Raidd Bar to see a hunky guy take a shower or to Cud Bar for some naughty after hours fun.

3) By far the best time to visit Paris is in the summer, when the sun stays out until 10:00 p.m. and everyone is full of cheer. Gay Pride takes place in June, typically at the end of month. Pride in Paris draws nearly 700,000 people who come from all around the world. It’s a day filled with parties, events, and a huge parade at the end celebrating the LGBT community in France. The goal of the event is to create awareness of self expression and equality.  Our tip? Even after the parade is done, the party is just starting in Le Marais! So head there to enjoy a fun filled evening. For something more low key, Banana Cafe is always great to grab a drink and people watch.

4) We already spoke about Le Marais, but there’s an entire slew of bars and nightlife in Paris that caters to the gay clientele. To find a list of clubs and bars, our go to site is Travel Gay Europe. One fun party is Scream, only held on Saturdays,  it’s where all the gay sexy men in Paris go to party.

5) On the outskirts of Paris, you’ll find Europe’s first gay friendly mosque, which opened in 2012. The mosque was created by Ludovic-Mohammed Zahed, a gay Islamic scholar, who’s attempting to provide a worship space for gay, lesbian and transgender Muslims. Although not formally recognized by the Paris Grand Mosque, this is still a place that allows people to have somewhere to worship, without feeling out of place while in France. This is something special that truly shows a rising movement in Paris, to be more LGBT friendly.

5 Gay Things To Know About London

With a population of 8 million people, London is the second largest metropolitan city in all of Europe. It’s also a major melting pot of cultures, with inhabitants from as far away as India and Sri Lanka, to Ireland, Poland, and many other countries, all of whom who call this epicenter of culture home.

London’s sheer diversity ensures you can find all kinds of gay thing to do. This makes getting to know the gay scene of London a rather fun experience, as newcomers can dive into many new things that otherwise can’t be done elsewhere.

5 Gay Things To Know About London

5 Gay Things to Know About London

1) For starters, the Soho neighborhood in Central London is where you will find the biggest gay community (mainly around Old Compton Street). Here you’ll find many gay bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops. It’s a great starting point for newcomers to London to meet other tourists and locals. Highly recommended is a stop at G-A-Y Bar for a cheap drink. This popular gay area of London is simply not to be missed.

2) The east end districts of Vauxhall and Hackney are two other popular gay areas where you can go to satisfy your “party boy” habits. There’s something for everyone when it comes to nightlife there, as London has been powering the gay nightlife scene for a very long time now. Check out the world famous club, Heaven where you’ll be completely surrounded by nothing but handsome men. If you’re looking for something a little more low key, there are plenty of traditional gay pubs in the area as well. Don’t be afraid to open Grindr, to see who’s around, and find a local who can take you around.

3) BFI Flare, London’s premier Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, showcases the best new and classic LGBT films from around the world each spring. This week long festival has been running for 30 years now, and is now a longstanding tradition that brings awareness of gay culture to the big screen.

4) The Easter holiday weekend is almost just as big as New Year’s Eve in London. This is the best weekend to go out and enjoy tons of gay parties. As One Easter Weekend Festival is a celebration that lasts five days, with eight different venues involved, and ten incredible parties.

5) London’s Gay Pride at the end of June, is a week long festival worth attending. There are several parties throughout the week that lead up to London’s pride parade that celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities across London. It brings like minded attendees from all around the United Kingdom and Europe, who want to do nothing more than have fun and rejoice in equality together. The main events on the final day take place at Trafalgar Square where there’s always popular performers for all the spectators and performers to enjoy. Though the fun doesn’t end there, Soho of course takes over at night with parties and events in the many pubs, clubs, and bars that line this vibrant neighborhood.

Lou Louby Shimona Henry

Burlesque is its own unique form of art—one that often leaves a lasting impression. The stage presence of a burlesque performance is often unique and hard-to-mimic. Ask anyone who’s been to a burlesque show and they’ll often laugh and cry trying to retell about the performance, but it’s never as good as the original.

In a new book from indie publishers Book the Film, this uniqueness is perfectly captured in a striking series of photographs. The coffee table book, Burlesque, features page-after-page of the men and women famous for burlesque performances. From the sultry looks to the pouty lips, the photographs really jump off the page. You won’t want to miss your next local burlesque performance after seeing these photographs!

Domino Barbeau by John Fox
Domino Barbeau by John Fox
Immodesty Blaize by Magnus Hastings
Immodesty Blaize by Magnus Hastings
LouLou D'vil by Shimona Henry
LouLou D’vil by Shimona Henry
Roxi D'Lite by Roxi D'Lite Photography
Roxi D’Lite by Roxi D’Lite Photography
Vicky Butterfly by Maria S. Varela
Vicky Butterfly by Maria S. Varela
Tigger by Roxi D'Lite
Tigger by Roxi D’Lite

The BURLESQUE Coffee Table Book will be released in the US and CANADA at the end of March solely through this site, and will be available in bookstores in June throughout the European markets.

Gay Costa Rica - Win a Trip!

The internationally popular gay travel blog, Travels of Adam, has partnered with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and GayCostaRica.com to give away a 6-day, 5-night gay holiday to Costa Rica.

Gay Costa Rica - Win a Trip!

Costa Rica is one of Central America’s most LGBT-friendly destinations. The capital, San José, is home to a number of different gay bars and clubs—from the mega-discotheques to the small hipster cafés. Just a short 2-hour drive from the capital city is the gay beach destination of Manuel Antonio. Famous for its gay-friendly hotels, nightlife and gay beaches, the area is popular with LGBT tourists. In addition to being a gay travel hotspot, Manuel Antonio is home to Costa Rica’s most popular national park where monkeys, sloths, raccoons and other animals are easily spotted along the park’s expansive and beautiful beaches.

Gay-friendly businesses operate throughout the country, though San José and Manuel Antonio are Costa Rica’s most popular gay destinations. To find gay-friendly businesses, check out the IGLTA’s “Plan Your Trip” feature. Just search for Costa Rica and you’ll find a directory of LGBT-friendly businesses, from gay hotels to tour operators.

The “Win an LGBT Trip to Costa Rica” sweepstakes promotion is sponsored and supported by both IGLTA.org and GayCostaRica.com. To enter the travel contest, visit travelsofadam.com/contest

win an lgbt trip to gay costa rica
• • •
For more gay Costa Rica travel tips, visit the Travels of Adam – Costa Rica Travel Guide.

5 Gay Things To Know About Florence

Florence is world famous for its art and architecture from Italian Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Machiavelli. As one would expect, this brings hordes of tourists and combined with the expensive rents in the city, the gay scene in Florence is not what it used to be, almost falling completely off the radar. A surprise, since Italy’s first gay disco was in Florence, opening in 1974. Although the city isn’t the epicenter of gay life like it used to be, there are still plenty of activities for gays, especially at night when the tourists leave and the locals come out to play.

5 Gay Things to Know About Florence

Here’s our top 5 gay things to know about Florence.

#1) For starters Florence is tiny and the real estate within the city’s core is very expensive. As such, you’ll be hard pressed to find other gay locals in close radius when you’re using Grindr. You’ll have to try your luck and hope you’ll find some other tourists in close proximity or you’ll need to be willing to travel to the outskirts of the city. You’ll have a better chance at finding locals when they come out to experience Florence’s nightlife on the weekends starting from 12 a.m. onwards. 

#2) Unique to Italy is that a membership card (the Anddos card) is required for entry into all of the gay cruise bars and saunas. In Rome, this card is also needed to get into some of the gay parties. You can usually purchase the card at venue entrances for 15 € and it will be valid for 1 year. Alternatively, you can pay 8 € for entry to a single club, bar, or sauna. When you buy the card, you’ll need to show photo ID, and after that you’ll only need to show the membership card. This card is your golden ticket to having gay fun in Italy.

#3) Tabasco Club is the oldest and most famous gay club in Florence, founded in 1974 at the height of the disco age. Tabasco Club is located just off of Piazza della Signoria, in the ancient crypt of Santa Cecilia, and can be somewhat difficult to find. Be sure to look up the exact address on Google Maps, so you can find the exact spot.  The club is known for their international DJ’s, late night atmosphere, and comfortable dance environment. Another popular spot is Y.A.G. bar, along Via de’ Macci, near Piazza Santa Croce. It’s best experienced in the summertime and you can also barhop to many of the other locales in the area. 

#4) If you’re looking for something more hardcore, hit up Crisco Club and Hard Bar 85. Both clubs play host to fun theme nights, like evenings without any lights on in the club or wild parties in their swimming pool. 

#5) Beyond the weekend nightlife, there aren’t really many more gay activities. We recommend visiting cafes and chatting with locals, as this is the best way to find out the what locals do to enjoy their free time. Explore a house party, find out where to get a good dinner, or how to find your way onto the back of a vespa. Florence is a very gay friendly city that you can make into your very own cruising location.