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wilder daze

We recently spoke with Wilder Daze, a gay recording artist based in Brooklyn. We fell in love with his single and the travel-themed video.

wilder daze

1) Tell us about Brooklyn. What’s it like to live there as an artist?

I’ve lived in Brooklyn for almost a year now. I’ve been in NYC for almost six, but I came to Brooklyn to be closer to my recording studio. It’s very convenient for me as an artist because I can walk over to my studio. I also love going to my favorite little Parisian cafe up the street to do some work or read. I mostly love this area because it still has that old-school charm, and there’s just a lot of great bars, cafes, thrift shops. I love walking around here at night. It’s quieter than Manhattan, but I find Brooklyn to be full of just as many surprises.

2) What are some of your most memorable trips? How often do you travel and what kinds of places do you travel to?

Well, I’m half Brazilian, so growing up; I traveled to Brazil a lot. Those are some of my most memorable trips. We would visit my mom’s family in Belo Horizonte, where I’d see all my cousins, and then explore other cities. Rio is by far my favorite. I love to go there now as an adult, when I can. I love any city where people are drinking and dancing in the street, and it’s just a part of the culture there.

I travel every year, some more than others. I’m always excited to go somewhere new. Last year, I traveled to Europe for the first time. I went to Prague, Dubrovnik, Paris, and Amsterdam. It was truly the experience of a lifetime. Every city was gorgeous. Paris in particular was one that I had a love affair with. The beauty of the city and the people are what made me blush. I also ended my year in New Orleans, which has become my favorite city in the US, besides New York. It’s wild. I heard the best music of my life in that city.

3) What are your reasons for traveling?

Growing up, I traveled mostly to either visit family or spend time with family. Now, I’d say I travel the most just to experience a new city or country, and I love doing that with good friends. Traveling is very inspiring for my writing as well. I find that I do most of my writing when I’m going somewhere.

4) In your latest video, you tell the story of a holiday romance in Paris – tell us a bit more about that…

Some of the most profound romances that I’ve had have also been the most brief. In Paris, I truly felt that a passion inside of me had been reignited. It was one of those life-changing, unforgettable moments. It wasn’t just one person but also the architecture, the aesthetic of the city, the food, the wine. I spent my 23rd birthday there and drank a bottle of wine underneath the Eiffel Tower with my sister and our friends. My romance in Paris was short-lived though. I felt like I was being snatched away too soon, and I hope to go back this year to pick up where we left off.

5) Have any other holiday romance stories you want to share? 😉

I did have one other holiday romance. It was at the start of 2015 in Rio de Janeiro. It lasted a couple days, so actually longer than in Paris. We smoked and watched the sunset. All I’ll say is that it was the best I’ve ever had, for other reasons. It’s another one that I still think about all the time. I tend to hold on to my romances for dear life, long or short.

“Blush” is the first single off his upcoming debut album, “Golden Hour.” His latest production was shot on VHS video to complement the retro pop vibe on the track. The video tells the story of a short-lived romance in Paris. Learn more about his music on his website, www.wilderdaze.com

wilder daze wilder daze - gay paris

Tivoli Gardens - Copenhagen

Copenhagen has quickly climbed up my list of favorite European cities. Having visited over the summer for their annual gay pride and then again this winter, I’ve discovered that the city has enough going on to make it one of Europe’s best destinations, and probably my favorite city in Scandinavia (sorry Stockholm). A city famous for its alternative culture, its arts scene and an easygoing, friendly way-of-life, Copenhagen has a lot to offer. The Danish people have been ranked as the world’s happiest and Copenhagen called the world’s most livable city. A lot of praise for a small European capital city, but after spending several weekends exploring the insider secrets and tourist hotspots, it’s obvious that Copenhagen is more than just cool. It’s one of those special cities full of life and energy that permeates not just the things to do, but the entire ethos and city culture.

To really see Copenhagen, book yourself a long weekend. Start your first day exploring Copenhagen’s main tourist sites.  A Copenhagen Card gives you access to many of the city’s museums and attractions, plus free transportation on the bus, train and metro. But really, one of the best attractions in Copenhagen are the canals and waterways. Either book yourself a boat tour or catch one of the water taxis part of the public transportation system. The Nyhaven part of central Copenhagen was the one-time district famous for its go-go dancers and rowdy bars full of sailors. Today there’s a number of trendy restaurants, cafés and bars. A short walk north of the Nyhaven neighborhood and you’ll find your way to what’s Copenhagen’s most famous attraction: The Little Mermaid. Famous from the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, she’s located just a few steps into the water. A lot of travel guides like to point out how “disappointing” the monument is, but give it a chance because it really is quite a nice sculpture—even if there’s a bunch of industrial buildings visible on the opposite shore.

Copenhagen Mermaid

Nearby, the Design Museum in Copenhagen has a unique collection of Danish artifacts from fashion, furniture and arts & crafts movements. On until January 31, 2016, the museum is showcasing the award-winning MINDCRAFT15 works by Danish artists and designers. There’s also a nice shopping district nearby, centered around the Magasin department store.

Another one of Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions is the Tivoli Gardens—the world’s oldest amusement park. Located in the center of the city, it’s open late during the summer with beautiful flowers in-between the different rides, restaurants and games. In the winter, the park opens up for Christmas with picturesque decorations and lights throughout the entire park.

Tivoli Gardens - Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s gay nightlife is largely concentrated along Studiestraede, a street in center of the city around the corner from city hall. The bars may be small and numbered, but the community is largely friendly and diverse. Denmark has long been an open and gay-friendly destination, and the summertime Copenhagen Pride draws in thousands of tourists each August. One of the more interesting gay bars in Copenhagen is Centralhjørnet, located on a corner opposite the City Hall and hosting a number of live events throughout the year. For up-to-the-date gay travel tips for Copenhagen, check out the city-run official Facebook page, Gay Copenhagen.

Gay Copenhagen

Start your second day in Copenhagen by getting out of town! Seriously. One of the world’s best contemporary art museums is located just a short 30-minute train ride north. You can buy a combined museum & train ticket from the ticket office in the central train station. The scenic ride up the Øresund coast is easy, and then it’s just a short walk from the station to the Louisiana Museum which hosts international exhibitions, artists talks and concerts. In the summertime, you’ll find the open grounds and sculpture gardens perfect for a stroll (though it was still very pretty on the cold winter day I visited), with a surprisingly relaxing view out to Sweden on the opposite coast. Currently, the museum is hosting an exhibition on the works from Yayoi Kusama—great for selfies, but really an incredible artist who often featured LGBT rights as part of her weirdly interactive exhibitions in NYC during the 70s and 80s.

Yayoi Kusama - Louisiana Museum

After a few hours at the Louisiana Museum, make your way back to Copenhagen and head straight for the Torvehallerne—a food market hall popular with tourists and locals alike. A mix of wine bars, trendy cafés and small bistros, it’s a great place for an affordable meal. Copenhagen’s other best place to eat is the Copenhagen Street Food market, open year-round in a warehouse by the harbor with 30 different vendors selling everything from Moroccan to Mexican foods.


copenhagen street food

Two days in Copenhagen is pretty good to see the main sights, though if you want a leisurely holiday, there are plenty of other great museums and restaurants worth exploring. The café culture is alive and well in the city, with countless coffee bars. From Copenhagen, it’s easy to make your way across the bridge into Sweden—straight to the Malmö city center in under 40 minutes. Malmö’s best attractions are its parks—pretty even in the winter. The city is even often referred to as the “city of parks.” Take a walk through Kungsparken and Slottsparken where you’ll spot different gardens, a windmill and even one of the city’s museums, the Malmö Museum. Skip that museum, though, and instead head over to the Modern Museum, part of the same collection in Stockholm and with an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art.


moderna museet mälmo

If you’re looking to relax, Sweden’s famous for its spas. But be warned that in the winter, it’s common to visit the spas along the freezing cold waters of the coast and occasionally jump into the water between sessions in the spa. Too cold for me, personally, so if that’s not your style, head to some of the trendy cafés and restaurants around Malmö’s charming old town square, Lilla Torg, where you’ll find a Christmas Market in the winter. Warm food and good coffee are the norm in Sweden, especially during the ritual afternoon fika—an easy pastime to pick up even on a short weekend!


Mälmo, Sweden

The Copenhagen Airport is located on an island almost exactly between both Copenhagen and Malmö, making it a convenient point of entry and exit for a holiday to both cities. Read more about Copenhagen on travelsofadam.com.

 – – –


Copenhagen, Denmark

WHAT TO DO: Design Museum Denmark, designmuseum.dk; Louisiana Museum, louisiana.dk; Torvehallerne, torvehallernekbh.dk; Get the Copenhagen Card, copenhagencard.com, for easy access to additional sights.

WHERE TO STAY: Radisson Blu, radissonblu.com — Located a short 15-minute walk to the city center, it’s a convenient location which has excellent views over the Copenhagen skyline.

– – –


Malmö, Sweden

WHAT TO DO: Kungsparken and Slottsparken; Moderna Museet, modernamuseet.se; Lilla Torg, old town square

WHERE TO STAY: Park Inn Hotel Malmö, parkinn.com – Located on the outskirts of the city, the Park Inn has views out to the sea and is near the famous Turning Torso Building, a neo-futuristic skyscraper and the tallest building in the Nordic countries.

– – –

Disclaimer: I was hosted at the Radisson Blu and Park Inn Hotels during my stay. Both properties were slightly outside of the city center but still centrally located.

Ljubljana for Lovers

Ever since I returned from my trip to Ljubljana last month, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops my love of the city. There aren’t many places in Europe that can still surprise me, but Ljubljana did just that. And it wasn’t just the pretty downtown part of the city, or the delicious foods I ate, it was the all-night nightlife, the gay bars, the people and all the cool things to do.

Ljubljana’s charm didn’t hit me right away. I arrived on an unusually rainy summer afternoon, on a GoOpti bus from Venice. The bad weather was a bit of a deterrent, but I managed to escape into a cute cafe called Lolita. That’s when I knew this was going to be a special city. From the pretty cakes lining the register, to the cute staff and the beautiful interior decorations – the cafe amazed me as soon as I stepped in from the outside. After that, a visit to a nearby art gallery (again, to escape the rain) just opened my eyes to all the culture available in Ljubljana. And as soon as the rain cleared: my heart was won over.

Lolita Cafe - Ljubljana
Lolita Cafe – Ljubljana

Wandering from art gallery to art gallery, Ljubljana surprised me time and again with more culture than I could’ve imagined from such a small country. Walking down the steps into the Jakopic Gallery, I was amazed to find the building so old. Walls were made of rock and it was only later that I realized this must be part of the former Roman Forum from a long ago empire. Romans settled Ljubljana, calling it Emona, 2000 years ago.

Ljubljana’s history wasn’t just present in its museums, though — it also shone through the city’s food. I was told repeatedly during my weekend in Ljubljana about the local foods and one that kept coming up was burek. Burek?! I would say. That’s crazy. It’s Turkish! But alas: bureks were introduced to Ljubljana after World War II when people from the Balkans migrated to Slovenia. And the simple street food was available just about everywhere. Though I much preferred the street food available at the weekly Friday Open Kitchen market.

My best meals in Ljubljana, though, came from some of the city’s more high-end restaurants. A tasting menu at JB Restaurant left me full, and another night eating at the locally-owned Gostlina Na Gradu left me with a newfound respect for Slovenian cuisine. Ljubljana’s unique location between the sea and the Alps, between Austria and Italy has made this city into a top-notch culinary location.

Dessert at JB Restaurant
Dessert at JB Restaurant

Friday night in Ljubljana was different than I was expecting. Having spent the night before in Venice — which is arguably one of the most romantic cities of the world — Ljubljana just felt much more like my own scene. The city’s best nightlife takes place in the area just outside of the city center (no more than a 10 minute walk) called Metelkova. The autonomous region within the city is home to squatters, artists and bohemians. And also: the city’s best clubs. The center of the late-night attraction is the gay club Tiffany (it’s in the back corner of the walled off Metelkova; hard to miss, really). With some friends, we were in the club until 6am!

Ljubljana’s charm was in its simple beauty. The quaint riverside bars and cafes, the picturesque castle that looks over the city from atop its mountain. The surprisingly delicious food from a central European country. It seems Ljubljana was made for lovers. Those that want to appreciate a city for its simple beauties, its culture, its lovely way of life. Will I return to Ljubljana? Without a doubt!

Street art in Ljubljana – oh my!

5 Tips for Gay Travelers to Ljubljana

  1. Get in touch with LuxurySlovenia.eu to help plan your trip. They’ll have the best recommendations on things to do & see.
  2. Visit Club Tiffany on a Friday night. It’s Ljubljana’s best gay bar
  3. Ljubljana’s LGBTIQ Q Cultural Center puts on events, debates and other programs for the city’s LGBT and queer residents. Check their website for special events.
  4. Check out the lunch specials at Cafe Kolaz for a cheap, vegetarian-friendly option in the city center.
  5. Ljubljana’s annual gay pride takes place in June, but it might be more worthwhile to visit during the annual Pink Week in May.

I visited Ljubljana as a guest of Visit Ljubljana and the Travel Mob. More details about my trip can be found here.

Berlin 2014 CSD

This past weekend was Berlin’s 36th annual CSD gay pride parade. An estimated 500,000 people showed up for the 4-hour parade, and the subsequent party in Tiergarten park. And while the weather wasn’t 100% sunny, the rain held off long enough for the sun to come out periodically. All-in-all, it was a great day full of fun, smiles and a lot of joviality.

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Berlin 2014 CSD

Gay Pride

Summer is here and June is National Gay Pride Month. It’s also the start of the summer pride season with festivals and pride events in just about every major city. (Notably: Berlin’s annual CSD Pride is *this* weekend!)

I don’t know about you, but traveling for gay pride events in foreign cities is one of my favorite ways to experience a new destination. You get to see a completely different side of the city that otherwise might not be seen. Activities and things to do are likely different than on any other normal weekend, but that’s half the fun. To manage all that fun, here’s my guide on what to pack when traveling for gay pride. And also: a special little contest to win some goodies for your own summer travel plans! Details at the end.

Of course what you pack depends on the destination as well. Going to Tel Aviv for gay pride? You’ll want a swimsuit. In Berlin? No swimsuits necessary. Also note this is mostly geared toward those gay pride festivals in traditionally LGBT-friendly destinations!

4 Summertime Travel Packing Essentials for Gay Pride

Whisky aussieBum
I love this cheeky design from aussieBum. With a peep-hole cut out in the underwear, the new line called ‘Whisky’ is a mix of smart colors, a bit of charm and a lot of sexy.

1. Your favorite underwear

If the sun is shining and ti’s summer, people at pride festivals wear surprisingly little clothes. And while it’s certainly possible to find a lot of skin during a gay pride, you can also expect quite a bit of cool clothes. Funny t-shirts, mesh clothing, sexy underwear — you name it, you’ll probably see it at gay pride.

Buy: If you’re an underwear nerd like me, check out the new “Whisky” line from aussieBum (shown above).

2. Fashion accessories

A little bit of bling can go a long way at pride. It’s an easy way to glam up for a fun day in the sun.

Buy: Cheap bracelets are plentiful at pride festivals – whether leather scraps or rainbows. Want something a bit more special, though? Check out Novica.com which works in partnership with National Geographic to find talented artisans around the world on unique jewerly and other products. Look for rainbow-colored accessories on shops like this one.

Gay Pride
How colorful are *your* shoes?!

3. Good shoes

Unless you’re at a gay pride festival on the beach (looking at you, Tel Aviv), shoes are probably the one piece of clothing you’re guaranteed to find.

Buy: Converse, Adidas, TOMS – the usuals.

4. Pride flags and rainbow things!

A staple of just about every pride is the rainbow flag. Whether it’s painted on your face or a piece of cloth, it’ll be everywhere.Bring one with your of find one at the pride. Learn more about the history of the gay pride flag here.

Buy: Glitter! Pride flag stickers and other rainbow-coated things will almost always be available during parades and festivals.

Win gay travel goodies!

To celebrate gay pride this summer, we’ve partnered with aussieBum to giveaway some pairs of their newest underwear line: Whisky. Fill out your entry below and you’ll be in the running for some great new underwear to get started right with pride!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Welcome to the new weekly round-up of gay travel news. All stories & commentary has been hand-picked by My Gay Travel Guide’s editor, Adam Groffman.

This week started off strong in the gay travel world thanks to a hefty exposé from The New York Times on the evolving world of gay travel. This isn’t your grandfather’s world anymore! Also making headlines this week is a favorite hotel brand of mine, Marriott. A new social media & marketing campaign called #LoveTravels was launched this week featuring prominent LGBT celebrities.

Marriott’s new #LoveTravels Campaign

Marriott’s new campaign #LoveTravels aims to reach the lucrative LGBT market with a campaign featuring beautiful photography. Images and videos along with personal stories are accessible on their LGBT microsite, http://lovetravels.marriott.com which also features photos uploaded by users. Hotels are increasingly marketing to the LGBT market and this campaign by Marriott looks to be well done.

Read more: #LoveTravels on Marriott.com

NYTimes: The Evolving World of Gay Travel

This past week the NYT published four full stories about gay travel. Speaking with longtime influencers in the gay travel world, including print editors and LGBT marketers, the series of articles sheds a light on what gay travel is like today. I was particularly interested to read about the more atypical gay destinations highlighted online, including Hawaii’s big island, Pittsburgh and a small town in Arkansas.

Read More: Evolving World of Gay Travel

WTTC Launches Instagram Campaign to Promote the Tourism Industry

Members of the Travel & Tourism industry in the U.S. are being asked to participate in a new World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) campaign to promote why they love working in Travel & Tourism. Short videos from industry insiders are being shared on the @WTandTC Instagram page.

The campaign comes on the back of new research from WTTC, which shows that the travel and tourism industry has opportunities for job creation, improving youth unemployment and gender inequality issues faced by countries across the world. Those findings showed that the industry employs a higher proportion of young people and women compared with the global workforce as a whole. If you’re not familiar with the WTTC, get on over to their website and get inspired by the work they’re doing to promote tourism as an industry.

Read more: WTTC.org


Here at MyGayTravels, we love Throwback Thursdays so it’s no wonder this contest from Conrad Miami stood out in our inbox. The Miami luxury hotel kicked off a summer-long contest last week where they’re giving guests for the next 100 days the opportunity to book their rooms at 2004 prices! As part of the #throwback contest, they’re also giving away two grand prize trips to Miami (including domestic airfare and a special spa package!).

All summer long you can book rooms for just $100 per night. To win Conrad Miami’s #throwback contest (a trip for two to Miami), you simply need to upload your own summertime throwback photos to their Facebook page (facebook.com/ConradMaimi) explaining why you deserve the chance to win. The $100/night bookings are limited to 10 bookings per week and are available through September 30. Start planning your summer trip now!

Summer in Miami

To learn more about or book your stay at Conrad Miami, please visit conradhotels.com/miami. For the complete list of Facebook contest rules, please visit facebook.com/ConradMiami. For more information about Conrad Hotels & Resorts, visit conradhotels.com or news.conradhotels.com.

Amsterdam is Beautiful

Last month I finally visited Amsterdam for the first time. I’d avoided the city for years, thinking it couldn’t possibly live up to the hyper. Boy was I wrong! The city is as beautiful and as fun as everyone makes it out to be. I spent my weekend as the STA Travel Insider (watch the videos here) and had the chance to visit the city exploring the neighborhoods, bars, restaurants and typical tourist sites. Among all the normal things to do in Amsterdam, I also spent my time exploring the more cool and hip areas: notably in Amsterdam Noord and De Pijp. But honestly — everywhere I went in Amsterdam I was only amazed and surprised at how beautiful the city actually was.

Banana?! The hipster beer bar Hannekes Boom along the canal was the perfect amount of quirky, fun and crazy.
Amsterdam’s famous Sex Museum – a popular tourist site

From the moment I stepped off the train into Amsterdam, I knew this was a city like no other. The canals in front of me, the sun setting and crowds of people, bikes, buses, taxis and trams — this place seemed like one hot mess. Making my way to the nearby St Christopher’s Inn hostel, the pretty scenery didn’t change but there was a certainly a change in the type of businesses in the area. Suddenly there were sex shops, a strong smell of weed and fast food restaurants on every corner. The buildings themselves, though? Still pretty.

I guess that’s Amsterdam for you. They manage to make everything look beautiful. View more of my scenic photos from Amsterdam below along with my top ten travel tips.

Did you know Amsterdam has a “Homo-Monument” – a monument to gay and lesbian victims of persecution. Learn more about “gay Amsterdam” at pinkpoint.org‘s stand alone kiosk in central Amsterdam. (photo courtesy of Pink Point)
Amsterdam is Beautiful
A view of Amsterdam’s canal and the Centraal Station
Amsterdam Centraal Station
Looking up at Amsterdam Centraal Station
Amsterdam NEMO
A view of Amsterdam’s NEMO Science Center – so cool!
Amsterdam Cycling
Cycling is a way of life in Amsterdam – everyone seems to do it and in style, too!
Amsterdam Jordaan
The Jordaan Neighborhood is probably the prettiest part of central Amsterdam

Top 10 Travel Tips for Amsterdam

  1. Wander aimlessly through the Jordaan neighborhood where you’ll find old brown cafés, hip shops, street art and typical Dutch streets (think canals, shuttered windows and beautiful old buildings)
  2. Visit Amsterdam’s gay street at Reguliersdwarsstraat. (Taboo is probably the street’s best gay bar – check out their happy hours)
  3. See the main museums: Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House and the FOAM photography gallery
  4. Spend just one night going out in the Red Light District. It’s totally bizarre and crazy and full of tourists, but it’s a sight to see
  5. Try some of Amsterdam’s local brews at the bar & café Gollem in De Pijp
  6. Visit the Homomonument – a memorial to gay and lesbian victims of persecution throughout history
  7. Take a free ferry from behind the Centraal Station to Amsterdam Noord (and go to Pllek for some great fusion American food)
  8. Spend an afternoon at the Albert Cuyp street market in De Pijp (and try one of the stroopwafels there!)
  9. Try the amazing apple pie at Café Papeneiland in the Jordaan – Bill Clinton ate here!
  10. Have sex in Vondelpark – apparently it’s legal there

* * *

Have you been to Amsterdam before? Share your tips below!

Florida Beaches - Street View

This week, Florida’s official tourism site, VisitFlorida.com, unveiled a new online portal for travelers to virtually walk Florida’s best beaches. With just a few clicks in your browser you can set your preferences on their site to find the right beach for you. Looking for something secluded? Or maybe something action-packed? Use the Beach Finder to set your preferences and easily escape into sunny Florida. Just turn up the Jack Johnson on your Spotify and away you go…

Florida Beach

The Beach Finder portal is part of a partnership between Visit Florida and Google Maps during which they spent four months trekking over 740 miles of Florida’s beaches. Now 360-degree panoramas of everywhere from Miami Beach to little-known places like — are available on VisitFlorida.com’s Beach Finder. Each featured beach includes hyper-local content including the famous Google Street View 360-degree panoramas, exclusive videos and extra photos.

Visit visitflorida.com/beachfinder to see it in action or check out the teaser video below.


Last week a new pair of underwear from aussieBum landed in my mailbox and it got me thinking…. of all the things I pack when I travel, I probably spend more time picking which underwear to bring than most other items in my pack! aussieBum has a huge number of underwear (and swimwear!) options, and they’ve only just recently launched a new line, WJ Raw Exposed — “for the man who oozes confidence.” Sign me up!

I love packing sexy underwear when I travel. And as I pack up my suitcase for a gay travel adventure in Thailand today, I thought I’d share my favorite reasons for packing the best underwear I own… Here’s the lowdown:

“Pull me off” – Who doesn’t want underwear that says something like that?! ;)

4 Reasons To Pack Sexy Underwear

Whether you’re traveling solo or as a couple, having the right underwear with you is a must. Here’s why I always pack my best underwear when I travel.

1. It doesn’t take up much space.

Whether briefs or hipsters, the smaller the underwear, the less space it’s going to take up in your luggage. Priority #1!

2. Underwear is less easy to buy when traveling.

If you’re like me, you like to shop when traveling. From tacky tourist t-shirts to the occasional pit-stop in H&M. But underwear is pretty much universally the same and you’re less likely to stumble on cool designs. Rather bring your own.

aussieBum - WJ Raw Exposed
Check out the new line of aussieBum underwear, WJ Raw Exposed on the aussieBum website. Hipster briefs from 15€ ($22)

3. It makes you feel good.

I don’t care how dirty my clothes are, but when I’m wearing my favorite underwear, I could easily own the town.

4. You never know when an opportunity might come up.

Meeting other gay travelers on the road can be a tricky affair — but it’s certainly not impossible. And you just never know when the opportunity might come up when you need to look your best. If the only underwear in your bag is a nice pair of sexy briefs, you’ll be fine.

* * *

Now it’s your turn: tell me what underwear you’re packing!