5 Gay Things To Know About Paris 

Everyone knows Paris, as it’s one of the capitals for fashion, art, and all around culture. The entire city itself is like visiting a museum! Whether you’re walking through the beautiful cobblestoned streets lined with lots of cafe’s and restaurants, heading to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or wandering along the Seine, the city is like a dream come true.

The gay population in Paris is actually the largest in France, with the Marais neighborhood being where the gay community comes together to have a drink, dance, and get to know one another.

5 Gay Things to Know About Paris

5 Gay Things to Know About Paris

1) There was much debate over legalizing same-sex marriage in France back in 2013. Despite rallies held by right-wing and conservative groups who protested this, France became the 14th country to accept same-sex marriage. By allowing same-sex marriage, France has created equality and acceptance for everyone, ensuring that visitors can see them as a welcoming country. The city of Paris itself,  is by far at the forefront of gay acceptance.

2) When looking for the epicenter of gay life in Paris, look no further than Le Marais. This central neighborhood is located just along the river and is filled with cozy streets lined with cafes, bars, and clubs, all of which are within walking distance from one another. You can easily have a fun night any night of the week in Le Marais, either going to Raidd Bar to see a hunky guy take a shower or to Cud Bar for some naughty after hours fun.

3) By far the best time to visit Paris is in the summer, when the sun stays out until 10:00 p.m. and everyone is full of cheer. Gay Pride takes place in June, typically at the end of month. Pride in Paris draws nearly 700,000 people who come from all around the world. It’s a day filled with parties, events, and a huge parade at the end celebrating the LGBT community in France. The goal of the event is to create awareness of self expression and equality.  Our tip? Even after the parade is done, the party is just starting in Le Marais! So head there to enjoy a fun filled evening. For something more low key, Banana Cafe is always great to grab a drink and people watch.

4) We already spoke about Le Marais, but there’s an entire slew of bars and nightlife in Paris that caters to the gay clientele. To find a list of clubs and bars, our go to site is Travel Gay Europe. One fun party is Scream, only held on Saturdays,  it’s where all the gay sexy men in Paris go to party.

5) On the outskirts of Paris, you’ll find Europe’s first gay friendly mosque, which opened in 2012. The mosque was created by Ludovic-Mohammed Zahed, a gay Islamic scholar, who’s attempting to provide a worship space for gay, lesbian and transgender Muslims. Although not formally recognized by the Paris Grand Mosque, this is still a place that allows people to have somewhere to worship, without feeling out of place while in France. This is something special that truly shows a rising movement in Paris, to be more LGBT friendly.